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This is my Rough List I want to Build. Ive recently Bought a pretty larger Dwarf Army and have been playing it Like Crazy.......The Dwarfs gave me a Tasty feelings of Nostalgia for Chaos Dwarfs so I decided to look up/Figure out what the Current Book that Most places are allowing and I settled with the TamurKhan.

I currently Own Zero Models of this Army. After some further Playtesting I will decid what I want to keep and What I want to Change.

What ive found out so Far is that:
-The Kdai destroyer is way underpriced for the Stupid Stuff it does to the Other Player....but at the same time all it has to take is failing the ward save once from a cannon ball, losing some Wounds, and then failing the Toughness test and dying.
-Infernal Guard for 12 points are just a tad bit over priced...but they do hold their own. Units of 20 will not Break a Larger Horde..but they will hold on for two+ Turns till help arrives.
-Chaos Dwarf Magic Is Great ^.^...but the cost of the Wizards combined with the Cost of the units is a hard balance...The price for it all is very expensive so It is hard to have a Competitive Magic phase without Just dropping 6 dice on a big spell each turn and hoping it Goes off.
-IronSworn are Worth it. Over prices but Worth it. I use them to Dig my infernal Guard out of Tight spots...Charge with infernal guard, hold a Turn, Charge with IronSworn...Win.
-Bull Centaurs really want to be a lot of a Knight or an Ogre, or a Dragon Sometimes...They are very hit hard...I really Want to Equip them with GW but then I know the 3+ will start to slow them Shields and Spears for me. Ive been using them as a Counter charge unit also for my infernal Guard...or if I get luck position with them they Run Down Chaff and get into the Other players backYard, or I run them as Mobile Support for the DEstroyer.

Well im done Rambling..heres the List. Please Tell me What you Think.

Level 3 Prophet

20 infernal Guard-FC 272

20 infernal guard-FC 272

20 IronSworn-FC 365

5 Bull Centaur's 255
-Shields and Spears

Death Shrieker xxx

Magma Cannon xxx

Kdaai Destroyer xxx

Organised Chaos
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Are you against using hobgoblin units? They certainly aren't CDs but they are alot better than other goblins. They could make up some numbers in your army if your willing to swap out an IG unit. Warg riders could help support those Centuars aswell (im sure Warg Riders are in Tamurkhan, been a while since i looked).

I take it you have gone handweapon and shield on the IG, have you had a look at Fireglaves for one unit, and shields for the other? Might not be as defensive but will help cause more wounds on the way in and higher strength in combat.

Destroyers i didnt take when i was playing around with CD, only because people tended to say they wouldnt play me if i used it, after a couple of rumours about how they can tend to win a game by themselves. They are solid though. i wouldnt worry too much about failing a save, it just means that thier cannons arent fireing at the rest of your army.

How are you running your BC? 3 wide and 2 at the back? or 4 wide and 1 at the back? Just thinking might you be better off with just 4, spend the spare points somewhere else. Think they have 3 wounds each, 2 attacks + stomp, so at 2K 4 should be ok. Personaly i would look at 4 or 6, but the 5th one for me just feels like its thrown in there to make up points. If your worried about loosing some on the way in, its probably becasue you have few actual units. Keep them near the destroyer or use the destroyer to block line of sight to them and make your opponent choose what he want to deal with.

A few things by the side that i always suggest on lists around this limit:

1) Although your taking a mage lord, is it also worth considering taking a Dispel Scroll. Those Int 2 Dwarfs tend to take a pounding from those int test spells.
2) Your taking 3 solid, yet small block units. Could you use a BSB even if you kit him out with just the basics? I mainly use my normal Dwarfs these days, but the number of times a BSB has saved me beared is without question.

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Well I got a Great game in on Monday with this army.

My previous Games were not the best o judge the List as a whole...because I was very defensive in those Games and this game I went on the offensive.

Ive decided that Im going to switch out the Infernal Guard for two Large Blocks of HobGoblins with extra hand weapons...probably around 40 each. These can be used as a centerline...and then I can use the Regular Dwarves as Heavy Armored Support :)
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