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Dear All Concerned...
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Dear All Concerned,

Just a rough draft of the fluff for my IG AC. What do you think?:


The world of Nostramo was a dark one, kept in almost perpetual night by an enormous moon and its tremendous pollution. The planet of Nostramo had five major cities; Nostramo Prime through to Nostramo Quintus. The Nostramans were, for all intent and purposes, normal humans. Only a few quirks separated them from the rest of mankind. The population had many recessive traits, such as wide pupils, for optimal vision on the cold dark planet, as well as albinism. The planet's major contribution to the Imperium was adamantium. Found in vast quantities, the valuable metal was processed and purified by the workers before being shipped off world, mainly for military use.
Nostramo's society was ruled by a group of 'nobles' and their thugs. They ruled through terror and cruelty. The profits of the adamantium trade were seldom seen by the hive inhabitants and so, depression was inescapable. Overpopulation was prevented through murder and suicide.
Then came Konrad Curze. The impact of the infant Primarch's capsule upon Nostramo left a massive tunnel burrowing almost through to the planet's core, throwing up huge reserves of adamantium.
Curze, like all the other primarchs, grew fast and strong. But unlike the other primarchs, he was constantly plagued by terrible visions of death and madness. With no family to guide him, Konrad be came a vigilante, mercilessly hunting down those unjust and cruel. It was not long before he turned his attentions to the sadistic ruling classes of the hives.
After multiple brutal acts of vengeance, a dramatic shift overcame the world, the crime level dropped to near zero, a self imposed curfew came into being, and legends of the Night Haunter, a dark creature that stalked the criminals, were born.
Adopting the notoriety, Konrad Curze became the Night Haunter appearing before the few remaining nobles he became the first true monarch of Nostramo. Social order and equality was achieved through fear.
It all went wrong with the coming of the Emperor. Taking away Konrad to lead the Night Lords legion the world descended once again into anarchy. Madness and crime ran unchecked. The only healthy recruits available were the murderers and the crime lords and so the eighth space marine legion was tainted from the start.
In a final moment of insanity, the Night Haunter succumbed to a terrifying vision. He attacked Rogal Dorn before heading to Nostramo where he focused the laser batteries into the hole left by his arrival. The energy weapons cut through the barrier, punching into the core and destroying the planet utterly.
Apollo was the second largest moon of Nostramo that had been civilized. Its inhabitants watched in horror as their home planet imploded, and its remaining fragments were jettisoned towards them. For three years, fragments of the shattered Nostramo bombarded Apollo, soon striking so hard and deep, it split the small moon in half.
Although the Imperial residents of Apollo were warned to evacuate, small clusters of people remained on both halves (now named Apollo Alpha and Apollo Beta). Recently, an Imperial Detachment of the Eighth Cadian was formed to scout Apollo and determine its usefulness to the Emperor. This detachment is known as the Shadow Corps. After the destruction of the original Shadow Corps, the title was filed away in the Imperial Records of War. Now reused, these men fight to bring honor to their predecessors, no matter what the cost.


After Apollo’s split, Apollo Alpha and Beta came into orbit around Ascension, the biggest moon of former Nostramo. Although Apollo was much like Nostramo, its air was considered a toxic gas, that when lived within, one could adapt to, but to outsiders, was considered deadly. Exposure for longer than three minutes can result in Lung Explosion, Suffocation, or Digestive Explosion. The people of Apollo have thicker skin and muscle tissue on both the outside and inside, and also have developed a special compartment in their lungs to remove the acid in the air. Over time, the jungles of Apollo have grown wild and clamed the cities back as their own. Now, the vast majority of the planet has become a desolated wasteland, not even a glimpse of its former glory.

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your making is all too close. Nostramo in the begining didn't supply Adamantium to the imperium, because it wasn't part of it. Then, don't have the guard coming running back after the planet blows up because theres a civil war going on. But besides your timeline problem, this looks great!
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