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Not Another Noob

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Hey all! Happy Thanksgiving to those in the States, and to all the others happy Thursday! haha

Onto the more important part, I'm quiet new to miniatures and i have about 750 pts. of Bad Moon 40k Ork army. The problem with calling it a Bad Moon army is that I haven't started painting yet :( So here I am to ask you guys all for some help!

I've been doing research on LO and looked up plenty of Youtube videos trying to see in person how this works, but I'm confused on a few spots.

First off my guys have been spray painted chaos black primer, i hope that was OK if not... well it's to late now to worry!

While searching around i started writing down the paints i think i should get my army so far i have the following list
-Snot green
-Gobling green
-scorpion green
-blood red
-chaos black
-bleached bone
-boltgun metal
-golden yellow
-sunburst yellow
Is that too much for a beginner, to little to paint my army? Or just the right amount? Also do you guys have any other recommendations for a beginner to get paint wise?

I also keep reading about the citadel foundation and it seems like it should be used, but i can't figure out how. Do i put it over the entire model? Or just the Ork skin? Since i'm looking at getting the Ork Hide Shade Foundation.

Also last thing is washes, i seem to have a grasp on how to use it, but I'm not sure what process to use all of the paints in. Does it go primer, foundation, paints, then washes?

Thanks all for taking the time out to help, I'm sorry if these were answered elsewhere I did my best to search the painting forums and if there is any other tips or advice you would like to give I would love to hear it. Thanks again!
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I recently started playing/painting as well (you can check out my painting log if you are curious...sigh, I really need to update that...) and I would recommend right off the bat that you take advantage of the mega paint set while you can. I thought I would only need a certain number of paints as well, but as it turns out over the course of the last two months I have nearly bought all of the paints anyway, and half the brushes. The mega paint set is an amazing deal (something on the order of 200 dollars savings) and will serve you well.

As far as painting O&G I am sorry I really cannot help you too much, as I have little experience painting green (which, as I understand it, requires a lot of layering). Good luck with everything though, and I hope to see your first results soon!
If you're unsure, mix your own paints! Its cheaper and adds some personal touches to your models. Especially with Orks, since its improbable that they'd all have the same color paint - unlike Space Marines where it kinda matters.

Just look at color wheels online, and get the primary colors. Works for me.
Welcome to the hobby! Is this your first time painting?

If you're just starting out i'd take a serious look into the Foundation paints as they are very easy to use if you're just getting started. For example yellow is one of the hardest colours to build up and get right. You have to do numerous thin layers to get an even coat. If you're just using Foundation colours (the pigment is thicker in these paints) then you'll only need one or two coats to get that even finish.

The way i Paint my Orks is mainly through drybrush and using inks. It's quick and it's easy. I wont go into to much Blending or highlighting as that will probably just confuse you if you're just starting out.

Do a heavy Drybrush (pretty much paint) the whole model Scorched brown over the Black Primer. Then do a light brybrush of Scorched brown mixed with a little bestial Brown. If your not sure how to do drybrushing theres loads of helpful sites or places you can get help from. this basically paints all the cloths/straps etc which i find easier to paint first and then go around with the other colours.

Once that is done you can start painting all the 'block' colours. Skin/Metal etc. For the Skin you can use Snot Green as it's fairly dark. Goblin Green is just to bright for me. Then use Thraka Wash and paint over the Snot Green. This will shade it and bring up all the definition. For the Metal go over it with Delvian Mud and then Badab Black Wash and this turns it Rusty/Oily.

After than you can pick out the other bits like Teeth and yellow and any other bits. It wont win prizes but it looks ok and it's very easy to do.
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Hey all thanks for your responses! Seraphim I'm glad you introduced me to the mega paint set, that definitely sparked an interest in me, but sadly my college reffing job doesn't bring in that kind of money to afford that! Maybe i can convince my parents for an early christmas gift haha!

Borak, yes this is my first time painting a miniature, unless you count my last piece of artwork in 6th grade, then I am just a little rusty ;) haha but in all seriousness I am clueless to anything artwise I just am sick and tired of looking at my beautiful army just spray painted black :(

I was planning on using the drybrushing technique and layer the three greens i posted to get my ork skin color, but your idea sounds much better and easier! All your saying is that i should do my whole model with the two browns again, and then start to paint specifics from there? and also if i did use foundation yellow would i put that on after the 2 other browns? or first?

also for anything thats black should i just leave it as the primed black? or go over it again with a different black?

hahah I'm sorry for so many questions! Maybe i should just find out when a painting demonstration is at the local store. Thanks again all!
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I would start black, heavily highlight Dark Angels green, then snot green then glaze with Dark Angels green, and highlight with snot green, then snot green with white. I WOULDN'T drybrush too much, as the face is the focal point of the miniature, and you want that to come out nice every time - I find drybrushing is a little too unforgiving with mould lines and small imperfections..
I was planning on using the drybrushing technique and layer the three greens i posted to get my ork skin color, but your idea sounds much better and easier! All your saying is that i should do my whole model with the two browns again, and then start to paint specifics from there? and also if i did use foundation yellow would i put that on after the 2 other browns? or first?
Well, the way i look at models is "whats the largest amout on colour?. With Orks it isn't their Skin or the Metal it's their clothes. If you start by painting the model brown first it gets all of that job done quickly. Plus it doesn't matter if you get brown on the other parts of the model as Brown is a good basecoat for anything Ork as it adds to the dirty grittyness.

This is how i used to paint my Orks. It's quick but more importantly it's easy. They turn out pretty Dirty looking but it's Orks. They aren't going to be winning any contests.

1: Paint the whole model Scorched brown over the Black Primer. Then Mix Scorched Brown with Bestial Brown (about half and half) and then lightly drybrush this over the whole model. It doesn't matter if you get it on the Metal or Skin areas as Brown is a good base for anything thats Dirty. Orks for exxample ;)

2: This is when i do the Block Colours. Metal, skin, a lighter brown for the straps (bestial or snakebite brown for example) and if you fancy doing any extra colours such as Yellow do this now too. Iyanden Yellow is brilliant for a basecoat and it goes over a Brown base coat alot easier than it does a Black one.

3: Now for the Shading, I mix Badab Black and Delvian Mud washes together in a Pot. Adding water thins it out and stops it being too dark. Then i liberaly coat the whole model in this and it will shade everything from skin to Metal. It makes everything look Dirty/Rusty and oily.

4: When the wash is dry i go back and highlight everything and do all the details like Lenses and eyes and what not.

They wont win painting contests but it's easy and it's a good way to get good looking results without to much effort. The biggest thing that put me off painting when i started was just being frustrated by doing all the effort of hlighting and shading and just not having the skill or knowledge to get it right. Keep at it and keep it simple and you should be fine.
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This is a link to how I paint mine.

I think it would be more than possible to exchange the blue for yellow, and use a different wash - Sepia or Mud would work over yellow.

I find this quick and easy, and it allows me to do them in batches. I usually paint 8 orks in one go, and by the time you have finished the final one, the first should be dry for the next step (except washes. Depends on how thick you put them on etc)

Hi! It's actually good that you like orks because they can be very easy to paint! I paint my orks skin by starting with a watered down of layer of orkhide shade, maybe two layers. After that I do a drybrush of goblin green. Make sure that your paint isn't to watered down for this part because it doesnt come out well. After the drybrushing wash the skin twice with thraka green. This will provide a suitable shade, but it won't make it too dark because the wash is a light shade of green. After the two washes have completely dried I do a highlight with scorpion green on part of the raised muscle. It isn't a line highlght because it is not a large area of the green, but it is big enough to make a nice highlight. This should help. As far as the clothes, I don't know much about the bad moonz (I do a snakebite-like color scheme without all the markings) but yellow you definetely want a foundation paint for, either lyanden darksun or tausept ochre will work. For metal you don't want just boltgun metal, to paint mine (which is usually the best part of my model) I drybrush boltgun metal onto the black gun, next I wash with devlan mud, and finally a semi-light drybrush of mithril silver. I hope this helps!

Have fun painting
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Here's how I paint Orks:


Step 1: cover all the skin in Goblin Green

Step 2: After the Goblin Green is dry cover all the green you just painted in Devlan Mud (this is a wash). Don't be afraid of using to much, make sure you get it in all the recesses.

Step 3: Mix 50/50 of Goblin Green and Bleached Bone and use it to highlight the higher parts, *make sure you avoid the recesses in this step*.


Step 1: Paint all the armour in Iyandan Darksun (this is a foundation paint).

Step 2: Then once you've finished Step 2, do a covering coat of Sunburst yellow.

Step 3: To finish it off cover the yellow in Gryphonne Sepia (this is a wash)


Step 1: Cover all the metal in Bolt Gun Metal

Step 2: Wash over the metal with Badab Black (this is a wash, obviously :p)

Step 3: Paint the upper edges in Chainmail


Step 1: Paint the cloth Chaos Black

Step 2: Highlight the edges of the cloth in Adeptus Battlegrey (a foundation paint)

Step 3: Then last but not least highlight the highest edges in Codex Grey

I really hope this helps and good luck! :)
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Ah! You guys are awesome thank you so much for all of your advice and the very simple steps that you all took time to do (i definitely needed that haha :D ) this is so much help! Now i can finally start painting and hopefully if there somewhat decent i'll have some pics up! haha thanks again guys!
I am currently painting orks at the moment also. When I first started I used a few of the painting guides found on the Games Workshop website to help me with ideas. although I never followed the guides exactly it gave me alot of ideas and I found it very helpfull

here are the two guides I used

good luck with your painting and dont forget to post your progress in a project thread

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