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Just asking how many models you can expect to have in a normal 1,000 point army, i am worried that i have too few models. i have about 70 infantry models and 1 tank. what do other people have?
Quantity isn't the only thing to care about, but 70 seems very good for a foot-based list. My own armored company list only has 48 infantry at 1500 and does fine.

People will generally start calling your army a "Hoard" if you reach 150+ models at 1500.

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As an example of the list I'm playing in a local extended 1000 point tournament, I have:

  • CCS with Melta and a chimera (5 Infantry, 1 Vehicle)
  • Vets with melta and a chimera (10 Infantry, 1 Vehicle)
  • Vets with plasma and a chimera (10 Infantry, 1 Vehicle)
  • Platoon with autocannons (25 infantry)
  • Autocannon Scout Sentinel
  • 2 Demolishers

My current record with that list is 7-1-2. Lost to orks, tied against orks and marines.

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If you're doing an Infantry army you should be looking at around 80 models. With a tank in your army that will take a big chunk of points so you'll have less. That list looks fine to me. For example here two completely different lists i use,

Mech 1500pts, which has 8 vehicles and 6 Armoured Sentinels but only 35 actual men. It does fine but isn't competetive.
CCS, bits and bobs, Chimera
3x VETS, Bits and bobs, Chimera
2x Bane Wolves
2x Hydras
3x Armoured Sentinels
3x Armoured Sentinels

The other list is a city fight army, 1000pts, so is pretty much all Infantry. It's got 3 very expensive armoured Sentinels but even with them it's got 85 men in it.

CCS, 2 Flamers, P-Fist, Medic.
Platoon 1- 25 men, 2x Lascannons(inf), 1x Plasma gun(pcs).
Platoon 2- 45 men, 4x Melta guns(inf), 2x Flamers(pcs)
Vets- M-Launcher, 2 G-Launchers, Demolitions, P-Fist.
3x Armoured Sentinels, Lascannons, H-K Missiles.

As long as you're not spending too much on upgrades you should be fine. you can always put your list up on the Army list board to get some tips or just email me and i'll have a look.

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For footsloggers, it's not too terrible. I only have 75 infantry in my 1750 point list...but I also have 9 chimeras, 4 tanks and either 4 sentinels or 2 griffons! If anything, I'd say that too many of the infantry that you have are exotics. If you're going with a ground pounder list, you'll want to dump the stormtroopers and ratlings, at a minimum, if not the penal legion. If you're shorting yourself on vehicles, you need more dismounted heavy weapons. I'd shoot for two platoons with three line squads each, giving the platoon command squads 2-3 special weapons and the line squads heavy weapons....I'd maybe go with three missile launchers, three autocannons, and meltas for the command squads. That's going to put you at 75 infantry for about 650, max. You can still afford to keep the tank, but you got a lot more effective infantry for your money, and you've got 200 points for other stuff, like sly and maybe a couple sentinels?
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