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Please delete! It's been sold! Nurgle / Bretonnia fantasy set of 6 terrain pieces

Hiya Nurgle lovers, Papa Nurgle sends his sickest regards!

So, Warriors' Tree has a set of six terrains for sale:
- The Nurgle monster in the fort
- The Nurgle infested church
- The Nurgle worm
- The Nurgle woods
- The Nurgle symbol carved out of stone
- Then Nurgle obelisk

Since there are so many details (eyes, tentacles, ulcers, pimples, wormies, intestines, horns, teeth, gaping wounds and other tripophobic elements on them) I took more than 100 pics and you can find them on my Flickr here:[email protected]/albums/72157672370769712
I am shipping worldwide, the shipping is FREE and I am asking for 270usd / 200 pounds or the NEAREST OFFER.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you!
Oh, and we are open for commissions, so feel free to ask if you need anything. For more about us, visit us here:

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