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Nurgle Orks- 40K just completed

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Here's the core of the army, all completed.

Direct Gallery

All New Work

Three units of six
Three aspiring Champions
One Chaos Lord
Two Dreadnoughts
One Defiler

The only thing missing are some Rhinos and specialty unit types. However, there are no plans to complete the army except by commission-- it's for sale on Blue Table's website.

Thanks all, for looking,
Shawn G.
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Great job. Really original.

The "Tau Reserves" on that site look great.
Different. Something i wouldn't do but very well done!
Very nice, and as said before, unique.
The banners are looking great, and such other conversions.
Toped off with great painting.

Keep it up Bluetable!
I'm curious, what did you use for your Necron Imortal's Gauss Blaster tubes? They are white/clear, instead of green. I wanted to go with a paint scheme that doesnt really lend itself to green and I was lookin around for different material, or the same but just in a different color.

Centum - Plastruct and/or Evergreen; the companies that makes all the fun plastic card and whatnot - also have a series of different colored clear plastic rod. Red, blue, yellow... whatever you need; just cut to size. Railroading shops tend to have it, or they both have web sites.

About those Tau, did you dip them? Pretty cool.

Love the paintjob but no. I don't like the idea at all and the army dont look good except by the way you painted them. Some of the conversions is ok but.. nah.. sorry dude.
A lot of the pics are blurry, I can't see the detail really... was this an ordered job or was it a spur of creativity from your own side? Just curious if the inspiration is your own.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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