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O&G noob questions

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hey guys, I am new to whfb and am considering going as the mighty greenskins. just a few simple questions.

1. i have heard that they are a really unpredictable team, culd they be used well in a tournament or similar?

2. does anyone have any idea about wen the new models are coming out? Because I might as well wait till they come out instead of building up an army now.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated :yes:
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if you would like to find out dates look in the R&P section.
While orcs and goblins are unpredictable, that's what makes us so deadly. My humble opinion is we have access to some of the best spells in the game. Warpath when chained with mork save us is amazing! In addition, our basic troops are better then everyone elses, and our cavalry (boar boys) is dead ard and goblins... well their goblins don't count on them for anything, but they have their uses. Orcs are an excellent army for tournaments as a balanced one performs very well against most races. Our magic defense is somewhat lacking, mainly as other races have ways to generates loads of magic dice, which leaves us a little defenseless in some regards.

The new range i think is out in a year or so. I know their are new Night Goblin mini's coming out and some new trolls. i have no idea about Orc figures, i'd look at the thread in this forum.
Thanks for all the info mouse.
Do you think I should start collecting the orcs now or wait till the new ones come out?
Also if I do start to collect them now would I have to start collecting them all over again wen the new ones come out? :wacko:
Now. It's unlikely that the basic boy unit will change it's model, plus with a very few exceptions, the O&G range of models is G-E-W-D-geeeeeeewd!
I went to the grand tournament finals over the last weekend to watch some of the games and get some ideas for entering next year. Goblins were well represented but not so many orcs I found. There were several all night goblin armies, crawling with fanatics.

Orcs do have some unpredictable stuff which can do a huge amount of damage to the enemy, also bear in mind though that most of the random stuff can hurt your boyz as well. Animosity can ruin your whole day as well, one failed test at a crucial moment and you could find a unit not moving or charging one of your own units.
Thanks for all the info guys. My games workshop staff told me they won't be out for a while so I decided to start collecting the O&G now!!! :w00t:
our basic troops are better then everyone elses... oh really.. MUHAHAHAHHAHHAHA what about chaos... chaos warriors can give even black orcs a good kicking and even beast herds can prove effective against basic orc regiments. and dont forget evcen the mighty chaos knights are core units! MUAHHAAHAHHA!
yes but an orc costs 5 points...beat that mr. warrior! Wheres your rank bonus now huh?
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