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I've been playing friendly matches against a friend off and on for the last year who regularly uses a Dwarven gunline army.

I thought as the points got higher things might get easier, but this hasn't seemed to be the case, as it seems I get rocked harder and harder each time.

For an idea he usually runs a list with the Anvil of Doom and the special character with it (name blanks me right now), a flame cannon, i believe an organ gun, and a unit of 10 or 15 shooters. Then a unit of warriors. ( I may be missing some stuff but the key concern I have is the ranged units)

I'm sure my list needs some work as I've had 0 success with it.

Units I have available to me currently (willing to buy new stuff based on suggestions)

Grimgor Ironhide
100-150x night gobbos (lol - I recently inherited several egg cartons full of Night gobbos from a co-worker of my brother who use to play)
20x Black Orcs
25x Orcs
12x Spider Riders
6x Fantatics
4x Trolls
Orc/Boar Chariot
2x Spear Chukkas
Goblin Doom Diver
4x Goblin Shamans

I've used various combinations of the units above trying to find a list that works, and I've had about the same results no matter what I do. I should probably point out, that once I get to him - I can usually take his units out fairly quickly in melee combat. The issue is that he thins out practically half my army if not more before I ever reach him - consistently, game after game.

Any suggestions for tactics or maybe some new units I may want to consider?

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i think this may work well:

numbers, alot of night goblins, i would even say, that box of night goblins, deploy all of them in units of 35. (30-40... NOT spearmen, they are expensive and will not survive a fight with dwarfs). with fanatics.
- 35 night goblins, full command and 2 fanatics is about 175 points these guys will survive his artillery and fanatics have great impact:
once the fanatics are loose, dwarf players dare not walk through them, their dwarfs dont like them at all, it may even panic them. We on the other hand charge through the fans with ease and get to charge.
take as many of these units as you can find :p
- doom diver and spear chukka's, perhaps another doom diver or rock lobba.
Taking out the flame cannon before your troops get close. It will be key to victory :D
- Trolls make sturdy fighters. deploy them well away from the flame cannon and get them in combat fast. Perhaps add a high leadership orc boss to this unit. (on a boar for speed)
- Orc warriors make ok troops, but i find them outmatched by dwarfs every time. Dwarfs hate all greenskins and are just better fighters. i would not bring much orc infantry against Dwarfs
they also cost more than night goblins.

Our secret weapons against Dwarfs:

1 Our artillery is cheaper xD bring as many spear chukkas rock lobbas and doom divers as you can scramble
2 Squig herder teams. They can kill Dwarfs in combat, will not run away from artillery, and if they accidentally lose the charge and break... then they explode and take down more dwarfs than their worth in points
3 Speed is on our side. Wolf riders can hit the other edge of the table in two marchmoves. They can help out by getting to the enemy flank.
4 If you go with shamans, the hand of Gork can be really effective. Not only to give your units (like squigs) the charge, but you can also use it ona fanatic and make it run to the nearest enemy unit :eek: ouch ouch ouch!

My suggestions for new stuff:

an extra slot of artillery
a unit of squigs (2 or 3 teams)
either use spider riders, or bring wolf riders with spear
use your night goblin mass and bring the trolls, get em in combat

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Thanks for your suggestions. I managed to locate a store and picked up 3 squig herd teams during my break today.

I have a few questions regarding your comments:

Orc warriors make ok troops, but i find them outmatched by dwarfs every time. Dwarfs hate all greenskins and are just better fighters. i would not bring much orc infantry against Dwarfs
Does this include the black orks? From my experience I would agree than my Orc Boys have seemed to fail miserably in hand to hand combat against his melee unit, but my units of black orks seemed to take them on quite well - though they were indeed an expensive unit.

Here is my current list (mind you I'm still trying to modify it based on suggestions):

12x Forest Spider Riders: FC, Bows
40x NGs: FC, 2 Fanatics
40x NGs: FC, 2 Fanatics
40x NGs: FC, 2 Fanatics
20x Orc Boys: dual choppas, FC, Big Uns upgrade

1 of 2: 1x Doom Diver

1 of 4: 2x Spear Chukka
2 of 4: 3x Squig Herder Teams (am I correct in understanding that multiple herder teams can be combined in a single unit?)
3 of 4: 20x Black Orks: FC, Shields

1 of 1: Grimgor Ironhide

This has me roughly around 1800pts. (assuming I did my calculations correct - was kind of late last night when I threw it together).

If I add another doom diver I won't be able to add a unit of Trolls as I'd hit my rare cap for a 2k pt. game. So you also suggest rock lobbas, I do have another special slot, then I could also field a unit of trolls? Also, using trolls? If i put an character with high leadership in the Troll unit, they gain that characters leadership and speed? I was always curious how to get around the stupidty special rule, as it seemed to make them a pain to use?

Should I swap out my Orc Boys for something else?

He has something like 9 dispel die if I remember correctly, is there any point in fielding a shaman?

Thanks again for the help.

i am da Wahhchief
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i like the look of your list right now, keep the boys, who knows what they wil do

- no point in using shaman with 9 dispels.

- Blorcs: i dont know how good they work against dwarfs and many people say they are just too expensive for what they do.
But when you have grimgor and great weapons, that changes things alot id say. keep them and blast those dwarfs into the ground :D.

- Rock lobbas: i use them myself, even against dwarfs wih their high toughness. its just great to hit an infantry unit head on. although i like the doomdiver better for its strength 5
Only use this if you practiced range guessing.

- Squig herds: 3 teams can makeup one unit yes.

-Trolls: When you roll stupidity test, you may use the leadership of a character in their unit, or the general's leadership if he is within 12".
When you move, you move only as fast as the slowest model. On foot a character is slower than trolls (and slows them down). on a boar he can keep up with them
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