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Hi all,

I'M still trying to make a good list for my next tournement. Since my last 2k didn't get that welll, I'm trying a new one here, more offensive with more mouvement.

Tomb Queen Neferirtiti

Destructor of Eternity
Collar of Shapesh

Tomb Princess Anck-Su-Namum

Solar Charriot
Enchanted Shield
Light armor

Liche Priest: Cloack of the dust, jar

Liche Priest: Squelette horse, staff of ravening

Core Unit

6 light cavalery

10 heavy cavalery: standart bearer, banner of undying legion

3 charriots

3 chariots

Special Units

20 tomb guards: Musician, Standart Bearer, Icon of Rakaph

2 tomb scorpions

Rare Unit

Bone Giant

I think I don't need to give much expication for this list. I will hit the ennemy as hard as I can the faster I can.

Thanks for any advice


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Think id drop the 6 ight Cav for some Carrion. Rest looks ok, although 1 ore Chariot to balance out the unit numbers, and possibly a Magic banner on the Princesses unit would be nice.
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