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I have been out of the game for so long, I am completely lost now..

It seems like there are plenty of weapons all fir the same purpose, but some are better than others and not much more expensive...

So here goes.. What are the best load outs for these selections.. And for those without purpose listed, please help identify loadouts and what purpose they are best for.

Assault squad tank buster:

Assault squad troop hunter:

Tactical squad:

Land raider:


Terminator's close combat:

Terminator's heavy weapons:

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A 5 man assault squad with 2 flamers is always a nice little unit for hunting infantry. Having said that though, for 20pts more you get a thunderfire cannon. For tank hunting I generally go for 2 Evisceration 1 Fist and a Grav Pistol. Again though, that's 200pts and those points can be spent on better things to kill tanks. I only take Assault squads when I'm taking the skyhammer annihilation force,

The Tactical squads can be tailored to ANY role. Generally I keep them at 5 man units in Razorbacks for cheap(ish) objective grabbing units. But, when I do go for a 10 man unit I grab a Grav Cannon which is good against pretty much anything, a Sergeant with a Combi Weapon and Power weapon and a Special weapon, which is usually a Plasma gun. The unit has Ranged punch, all their weapons can move and fire (even the Grav cannon) and the Power weapon gives them some combat punch. Another annoying unit is 5 marines, in a Rhino with a Grav Cannon. They're cheap, mobile, and can camp on an objective or in cover and unless a horrific weapon. An opponent has to deal with them and they only cost 140pts.

As for Terminators. I always go for 5 TH&SS. A 3++ Save is incredibly annoying for an opponent to deal with, especially static ones like Guard. IT's just getting them there. However I am now really liking the Cataphracti terminators. They're almost as durable (4++) and can shoot and do combat. Their own real downside is their lack of decent heavy weapon but they can combine lightning claws and chain fists in the same unit which is awesome.

AS for tanks. I think most people like the Razorback with twin assault cannons as it can deal with anything from infantry, tanks and then even have a go at fliers due to weight of fire. I do like the Lascannon/Plasmagun combo though. Land Raiders, take what you need them for. If you want assault units like 5 terminators plus a character then you'll need a Crusader or a Redeemer. I like the Redeemer with a Multi Melta personally but Land Raiders are far from a competitive choice as everyone seems to be packing strD or Haywire weapons nowadays :(
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