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It has been about 8 years since the last time i was on this forum, glad to see it still going. I got on to get some ideas and opinions from people who are probably way more knowledgeable then myself, I dont play in tournaments just with a good group of friends. I have a space wolves army and have been playing them for the better part of 6-7 years now and was just wanting to get some advice on what units are considered good or garbage, and also what formations most people run with if any. Im not looking for an ultra competitive look on things just some basic advice or thoughts on whats good and whats terrible. Ive gone through about 10-11 pages and have done various searches just to make sure i wasnt being lazy and theres already info like this out there. If there is dont hesitate to let me know and tell me where to look so im not wasting anyones time!

I have 50 some marines that can be either BC or GH or WG.
5 Termies
4-5 IC that can be whatever they need to be
10 LF
5 Scouts
10 Wulfen
3 Dreads

ive ran quite a few of the formations just to try them out, i like to stay relatively mobile either through drop pods or outflank. I love my runepriests and take them when i can. other then that i love to try out weird things even though i know they may not work. always looking to spice things up, im not saying i play to lose but i try to keep it light hearted, i am just playing with friends but of course there still is that competitive side that comes out in all people. Let me know your thoughts!


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Dammit, if I had my pile of lists to hand I could go to town.

I am a wolf player and love the flexibility that they bring to the table. Easily the most characterful marine army.

I tend to run either a bikes/thunderwolf heavy list run by Harold Deathwolf (because of his special rule for them) and a very "standard" list - GH, BC (with lukas), terminators, dread with shield (maybe 2) and a termie wolf lord.

I've also got a mass of stupid "what the hell are you doing" lists :LP

I'm workign on one based around tons of blood claws and wulfen just so they spread the love with their special rules.
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