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Selling off my Orcs and Goblins (aside from my Arachnarok, I love that model) on Ebay. Warhammer Fantasy Orcs and Goblin Lot | eBay

A pretty decent sized collection with the night goblins from Skull Rock.


20 Black Orcs
1 Orc War Boss on a Boar
1 Orc Shaman on a Boar
1 Battle Standard Bearer (grouped with black orcs in the photo)
1 Orc Boar Chariot
2 Spear Chukkas
1 Rock Lobba
1 Orc Shaman
20 Night Goblin Archers (from Battle for Skull Pass)
42 Night Goblins (from Battle for Skull Pass)
10 Night Goblin Spider Riders (from Battle for Skull Pass)
3 Night Goblin Fanatics
1 Troll
1 Goblin Regiment (20 units, still on sprue in box)
1 Orc Regiment (19 units, still on sprue in box)
1 Goblin Doom Diver (still in box, might be partially punched)
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