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Hi, I'm starting Warhammer Fantasy and building an Orc and Goblin army to play against my friend that plays Daemons.

His list for 2000 point game:

1 Bloodthirster
3 Fiends
10 Bloodletters with Skulltaker
5 Flesh Hounds
6 Flamers
10 unknown
1 Masque
20 Demonettes

I have the advantage of knowing what he is going to play. I need help on building an army that can beat him. I'm thinking of something like this. Can anyone give me some suggestions? There is probably an overkill on squig herd but hard to pick when out of special slots. I would like light cavalry what worried about Fear.

Grimgor Ironhide (Goes with Black Orcs)
Savage Orc Big Boss, chariot, spear, light armour, shield

20 orc boyz, musican, additional choppas
20 night goblins, musican, 1 fanatic
20 night goblins, musican, 2 fanatic

20 savage orcs, musican, additional choppa


20 black orcs, musician

2 spear chukkas
2 spear chukkas
7 Night Goblin Squig herd


1 giant

1 doom diver

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Yeah, the squig herd has probably been exhausted and adding more command into the big blocks of orcs would be useful for extra combat resolution. Another point is that there isn't much magic defence so investing in a scroll caddy could be very useful. Other than that, it looks like a strong, decent army. Wolf riders are very useful in units of about 5/6. Perfect number to harrass the flanks and get flank charges.

All the best.
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