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Hi everybody. I'm new to warhammer and to be honest playing with 'em orks happened by chance not by volition.
However, I soon came to love this 'ard determined green bulks!
So, to cut a long story short, here's my idea of an army:

ORK LIST (1500pts) Too Fast, Too Furious

Each unit that is supposed to engage in battle has a reference of wounds scored. The numbers are based on comparing the statistics of the unit with the average space marine. The absolute number of wounds mentioned is probability, not fact. Comparisons for vehicles are not provided.

a)17 sluga-choppa Boyz, 2 Boyz wBShootas led by 1 'ard boy Non w PK, Bp, TWLShoota, Waaagh! Banner mounted on a Battlewagon (HEAVY SUPPORT) w 'ard case, red paint (= 310pts)

Classic mob eager to engage the enemy. The battlewagon is obviously just the transport, hence the upgrades.
As soon as the boyz are (back) "in town" they average almost 10 wounds (2 of them Inst. Death) when assaulting and 6,5 wounds when not. As for shooting, they barely manage to pass 1 wound maybe 1,5. That's why the addition of the 2 Bshootas, which increases the chance a bit, helping Boyz achieve almost 2 wounds per shooting phase (as long as they don't start to die like ants!). The main role of the mob is to chop. However, if somehow blocked or faced with a tough CC unit they manage to pass a decent amount of damage.

b) 26 shoota Boyz, 3 Boyz w BShootas led by 1 Warboss(HQ) w PK, Bp, TWLShoota, cybork body (= 309pts)

Another obvious choice. What the choppa - Boyz can't reach (yet), the shoota - Boyz can shoot. Averaging a certain 2 wounds per sh. phase, the shootas are led by on o' da big bosses, capable of helping both in shootin' (TWShoota) and in choppin' (PK, a must!). Notice that the wounds passed are not much more than the sluggas manage (see above). Remember though that the shootas can achieve these wounds from 18'' away.

a) 8 Kommandoz, 2 Kommandoz w burnas, Boss Snikrot (attacks at Init 4) (= 215pts)

Oh, boy, oh boy. Yes, you guessed right. This is my favorite unit. It would be the best ork unit by far, if not for the randomness of its timely(?) appearance. Of course they will be kept in reserve and attempt to outflank the enemy. If they manage to get close... (this is where Oh, boy fits) they more or less inflict 9 wounds (2 of them unsaveable). It's a one shot attempt, because the suck at shooting. Not worth mentioning the chance. (question: Does Snikrot have a shooty weapon? In the description it mentions only the teeth, so probably he doesn't get to shoot at all, right?)


a) the battlewagon mentioned above

b) 2 Zzap guns w 3 ammo runts, 3 additional grots (crew), 1 Runtherd w Grot-pole (= 93pts)

Cheap, unreliable (but because it's cheap we don't care), the one of two units in the army that does not get to move a lot. A menace for the enemy vehicles, with several backups and re-rolls with the grot-pole bearer responsible for the grots' morale.

c) 3 kannons w 3 ammo runts, 3 additional grots (crew), 1 Runtherd (= 88pts)

Cheap, reliable, mediocre effectiveness. The second of two units in the army that does not get to move a lot. Capable of reverting from anti-infantry (frag) to anti-vehicle (shell). Again with several backups.


a) the warboss mentioned above

b) 1 BMek w KFF, cybork body, 'eavy armour, PK or Burna mounted on a Trukk (FAST ATTACK) w red paint, grot riggers, arm. plates, r. ram and wreckin' ball (= 185[burna] to 190[PK] pts)

Here we are. The BMek plays a key role, moving around in his personal mini-bus, conferring his KFF bonus to everyone in a 6'' radius. He is as protected as can be, capable of decent self defense if need be. But how possible is that, when his mini is a mega - equipped, cover protected, fast vehicle. Capable of serious self defense in close combat and fast enough to avoid dangers. The longer the BMek stays alive, the better the chance of this army to prevail. However, I think that the role of this unit is crucial, but not vital.


a) the Trukk mentioned above

b) 5 Deffkoptas w Buzzsaws, TWLBShootas

These super fast babies attempt almost the same thing as the Kommandoz. Super fast, super furious attack. Again, chance (who plays first) plays a role here. The only thing the Deffks need are the Buzssaws. They are noumerous and powerful enough to chop everything that stands in their way, be it on foot or on wheels. Should something really dangerous gets in the way, they always have a chance with their Hit and Run. I would give 'm bigbomms, but there are not enough points left.

TOTAL: 1500 - 1505 pts

If something could be replaced this could be the BMek unit. And here's the 'substitute'.

10 Stormboyz, Boss Zagstruk (attacks at Init 4) (= 205pts)

Not much to say. Kept in reserve (like the Kommandoz) and waiting to deep strike right on the back of the enemy line. Should they reach their target (preferably infantry or light vehicle, but da Boss makes 'em rollers to stop right on their wheels) they average 7 clean wounds (3 of them Inst Death) in assault and 2 wounds when not assaulting. Barely managing to spare a few rokkit-heads, the squad can assault the same turn it's deep striking, hopefully managing to severy harrassing an enemy unit. Yeap, this is the real suicide unit in the list, being there just to land a couple of strong blows and then dissappearing either in a bloodshed or in the mist.

Concept/ gameplay:

All in all, vehicle damage is left to the several models in the army armed with Power Weapons. Maybe the zzaps manage to land a few good ones, but its allright if they don't. All units (except the two long range boomers) are supposed to be constantly on the move. The sluggas move to kill, the shootas move to have a better LOS (and possibly kill), the stormz move to detonate (or the BMEk moves to cover the most or the most important units), the Kommz move to kill everything in their path, the Kopptas move to harass infantry and vehicle alike.

So, what's your opinion?

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I would like to start off by saying that I have been completely out of the wargaming scene for the past 9 months, so I am pretty unfamiliar with any new codexs or rule changes that have happened since then, so correct me if am wrong.

I like this list a lot, it seems that the slow moving block of Shoota orks be inching along with the battlewagon along with the Mek-Trukk giving them their 4+/5+ cover save? This definitly seems like it would work, if both the Battle Wagon boyz and the foot slogging boyz assaulted on the same turn it seems like it could definitely ruin an infantry squads day. So you already have an infantry slaying block of orks right there, so why would you need the five Deffkoptas with twin-linked Big Shootas? Of course that is 15 Ap5 Str 5 shots right there, causing on average 2 wounds if my math is right (against MEQs), which is a great force to have, but i think that these Deffkoptas would be more effective if left with twin-linked Rokkit Launchas. This gives your army the tank killing edge.

So far you rely on the artillery guns to pop all the transports or hun platforms the enemy might have, but I think these would be better replaced with my favorite unit in all of Orkdom: Lootas. With the Zzap gun, you are averaging with a Str 7 Ap 2 shot, firing three shots a round, 2 hitting. With a squad of say, 10 lootas (always mek-less) you would fire on average 20 str 7 ap 4 shots, roughly 5-7 hitting. Lootas are some of the best transport poppers, and i think they would be a great addition to your army, but you would need to get rid of your kannons and Zzap guns to make room for them.

Solid list, Tyland

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@Tyland 13

First of all, thanks for the opinion.

a) About the kopptas, I intend to use them like shock troops: hit hard and disengage. That's why I use the saws (they're like PK, with decent NoAttacks). I would add the rokkits, but I lack the points. I'll give it a thought though. Maybe I find a way to squeeze them in.

b) About the gunz. Probably you are right about the lootas. They shoot from a longer range and are more reliable. The only problem here, is that lootas are 1 unit, while the gunz are two.

thanks for the advice
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