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What ork klan is da' bestest?

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Dis' iz a klan fer all da' ladz hoo want to reprezent der orkish heritage.

1)New Ladz must play as da' orkses of corse
2)We will discuss ne Orkish material that ne ladz wants to discuss.
3)We will be da' last werd in ne orkish kulture qwestions and matereel.
4)We will help out our fellow orkish players by providing assistance in any way possible in the Ork forum.
5)Ork-Speak is encouraged but not mandatory.

To join state the following:

1)Ork Warlord Name
2)Ork Warband Name
3)Klan Affiliation (Evil Sun, Blood Axe, Goff, etc.)
4)Area of expertise (if any)
5) Number of points of orks
6)It is encouraged that any members put their Win/Loss/Draw record in their signature and update it frequently.

Rank in the klan will be determined by your record, proudly display your rank in your signature! E.x.- (Rank) of the Ork Klan!
(Win Percentage)
50%+ -------- Warboss (Your name here)
40-49% ------- Mekboss (Your name here)
30-39% ------- Nob (Your name here)
20-29% ------- Skarboy (Your name here)
10-19% ------- Lad (Your name here)
0-9% ---------- Puny Grot (Your name here)

Lets all show the rest of the community who is da' true bosses! join the ork klan today!

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"Bonecrusha MacRusha"
"Da Luna Moonaz"
Da most propa clan ov em allz Da Bad Moonz..........
Losing games

I'm a painter not a fighter, as you can see by my ratio, but hell if I don't enjoy a fight as much as the next ork.........

Right a quick question to get things moving. Which ork special character would you like to see in the next dex?

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well an ork character that i would like to see would be the runtherder one from the lder edition orks. i liked the idea of "super-grots" it was a cool little touch and he seemed to be a flavorful character, but alas he was not included...

p.s- if you remember his name, could you post it please, i cant remeber it at the moment.

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lol, Does anyone know what I can get for about £100 in Orks (From Scratch including Rulebook and Codex) :)

I was thinking Rulebook(£30) + Battle force (£50) + Codex (£12) + Griffon (Already got but don't have rules :()+ a Warboss (don't Know)

any idea how many points that will make :)

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1) Big Mek Cirkitz
2) Da Redneks!
3) Kult of Speed
4) Da Dakka is da specialtys!
5) 1000 points
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