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Orks and Marines *pictures*

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I'm just starting out in 40K and I've decided to collect some Orks and Marines. I don't have much yet. I still need to get a rule book, som codexes and some more troops.

I have really enjoyed painting these models as I have been a semi-professional artist for a while and minature painting offers a new challenge.

Tell me what you think:

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wow they look great, espically for your first try!
Are you planning on collecting and playing both armyies at the same time, or do u favour one over the other?
and...another Aussie :) you wouldnt be going or know anything about conflict would you? :yes:
At the moment I'm a litle torn. One day I want to collect Orks and the other day it's marines. I have a few more of each coming from ebay.

Conflict? What's that?
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I really like the models,theyre really neat for a first try.The banners really neat aswell.One tip though.I can still see a mold line on the gun of the closest marine on the first picture.Im not sure if this is a stray line you missed or if its evident on all the models.This needs to be trimmed off with a file.I cant really say much though, Im always missing mold lines.

Yeah, the banner was the easiest part becaus it was what I'm used to painting (flat surfaces). Yes, it is a mould line, looking closer, I can see a lot more I didn't file down properly. I guess that's one area I lack in at the moment.
At least you know theyre there when they shouldnt be.Thats the most important part.The more models you paint, the more you find this stuff as being necessary.Often stuff like mold lines dont turn up until you start painting anyway, which is really annoying,as it means wrecking a nice paint job to fix it.Most people think that painting will hide mold lines , flash, dodgy modelling etc, but it dosnt, it makes it worse,so make sure to get rid of stff like that before you paint or else it really shows.


Theres some information on conflict. Its aimed at newbies to the hobby, so if your keen on learning more, tickets are on sale at your local GW. Im not sure what part of Australia you live in, so ull have to check if its coming near you.

This year will be my first, and i have just gotta together my army for it. Sounds really interesting and, seeing im rather new to the hobby aswell, thought i mite share it round to see if anyone else is interested.

As deciding which army to play, try reading abit more. Getting both the codexs will help alot, as well as the rule book, cause both have very different styles of play. Have alook which fluff suits you better.

Good luck
Wow! Great work, white marines are awsome. But I think it would be an even better contrast to the squad if that chaplain was black (as he is according to the 'fluff' (fluff = the history of the game/race).
Those Orks look great as well, but I can't get it out of my head that they are those two-part clip-togheter orks...
Just love them. Especially the Orks. One thing to make your SM's even better is to not only paint their weapons with silver. The "shell" on the bolters could be painted in a different color to. Looks pretty boring with all silver weapons.

But still.. Awsome work!
Awesome. I love the Marine banner. I agree with the guns mentioned ^. But I love the colours you used. Well done:yes: :w00t:
I agree with kills, try red casings on the bolters, because the red right now looks odd in just one spot. Might want to put it on the other shoulder pad as an insignia. You also might want to try an ink wash on the metal surfaces, because it looks really flat, from the pics. The white/cream color on the marines looks ok, but I can't see any highlights, so it looks a bit flat. Try to find a small drill bit, or a pin vise, and drill out the holes in the bolter muzzles.

Also, the chaplain would look way better with like a black body, red left arm and white shoulder pads. I think its partly because the white color and the bright, uninked silver make him look too odd. maybe some gold like the tactical marines.

The banner is good, just the angle it is at is a bit weird.

One last comment, and this is just personal preference: I hate the old style bolt pistol the chaplain has. If I were you, id switch it with one from your marines, like the one on the hip of the left one.

I love the orks, but maybe a bit more detail on the choppas on the right two.

Over all great models, just need some work.
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Yes, I think that these are all very nice. I really like the orks - very well done. Everyone else has commented on the mold lines, etc, so I won't waste time here with that. You have done a very nice job painting white, as well, which is very difficult.

I envy your art experience, as it will undoubtably help you in the hobby. Many of the things that I had to learn through trial and error you have already mastered from your background.

Anywho... welcome to LO!
LOve them, its some excellent work.

I think you should go with orks considering that everyone equips themselves to fight 3+ armies, and its hard to fight cc hordes with plasma guns. Also you painted the orks better
I love them all, Orks and Marines alike.
What you should do is what you are doing, collect them both. For a while that is. Then you try them out, they have very different strengths and weaknesses and behave very different on the gaming board. You must (spoken with the voice of a dead, yet strangely semi invisible and still alive-ish, Jedi) look inwards, find your way.

The painting is great and I look forward with great interest on when you start converting.

Welcome to the hobby and the board, hope you'll enjoy it.
theyre really nice! ive been at this for two-odd years, and i can't paint that good! conversion is another story........
Amazing work, you can easily see your "semi" professional backround coming through on these. I agree with kill though, I fine Space marines look better when the casing of their bolters are painted. So either white or red in your case.

Keep up the amazing work, and welcome to LO :)
I dare to say that I do not believe that these are your first figures painted, good sir :huh:
Great job on the orks, I'm interested on how you painted them.
Wow, very impressive result! In fact I am a complete newbe and got my first 3 marines Today so hopefuly Tomorrow I will start painting...
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