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Hormagaunts get 3 Str 3 Attacks on the charge -
Orks get 3 Str 4 Attacks and are T4 to boot.

I should get 10 hits a turn off my lootas at 48" range
plus the nasty SAG with one S7 hit a turn.

Now deffkoptas are tricky as they can run away fast so
I split 'em up into two units ...
still toughness 5 and 2 wounds apiece is not bad with
the firepower they put out and the scout move.

I already know how tough Nobz are ... it will take a
lot of turns of oomans with shooty gunz to take my Nobs.
In fact they are dead hard with inv saves. Do the mathhammer.
Nobz on bikez combined with a painboy are a pretty awesome
combination. They even get a nice invulnerable save when
they take cybork.Sure, they are expensive, but
toughness "5", two wounds, a 4+ regular save, 4+ cover save
and then a 4+ feel no pain save makes them a tough unit to
squash. If a warboss on a bike joins the unit, he is that
much more unstoppable. You just have to avoid powerfists,
power weapons and flamers! Two power klaws in a unit is
deadly, and they really do have staying power vs other
elite units in the game. Nobs on bikes, with cybork bodies,
and a power claws , accompanied by a warboss on a bike
(with a pk, cybork ), and a painboy, is the single most
brutal unit the orks can field.

Big Mek: 110
Shokk Attack Gun, 'eavy Armor, Cybork


12 Lootas; 180


7x Nobz: 460
Bikes, Painboy, Cybork, Waaagh! Banner,
2x Klaw, 1x Grot Orderly, Bosspole

11 Slugga Boyz: 145
Nob/Power Klaw/Bosspole
Truk- Big Shoota, Red Paint, Grot Riggers

Fast Attack

15 Stormboyz: 220
Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole

2 Deffkoptas: 115
+ 2 Buzzsaw, TL Rokkits

2 Deffkoptas: 115
+ 2 Buzzsaw, TL Rokkits

total: 1495


2 Elite Carnifexes - TL devourers

Warrior brood - 5 models TL deathspittersand a TL barbed strangler (note - must have extended carapace!): 200 points

Hormagaunts with +WS, +S:

2 Carnifexes: T7, 2+ saves, 5 Wounds, +BS,
venom cannons, barbed stranglers

Well should be a game ...

Orks got first turn and quickly the koptas scouted down a flank
getting ready to see hope tough those devilfexes were.
The lootas and Mek moved to spot to ensure that they could
shoot down the other carnies.

The truk moved forward followed by Bikes and the STormboyz waited to be

The flyrant and the guants moved forward. He planned to take out truk boyz
with the guants and the flyrant was going for the lootas and Mek.

The warriors I see are going to shoot at the Bike mob.

It gets interesting ... My lootas unload on the devilfexes
and do damage ... yeh ... my Trukk boyz unload into hormies and
really kick some butt. They consolidate into the second mob
The Nobz decide to go offensive and shoot and then assault the warriors.
I lose a Nob but he loses all his warriors ( 3 PKs with just too many
hits). They consolidate into some more gaunts.

I decide my Koptas better fire at that Flytrant and Miraculously I get
a wound.

His Flyrant ignores the Koptas and gopes at the lootas ...
well this was predictable. No more lootas.
The middle of the table is a mess of a mellee with the Orks really taking
down the remaining gaunts.
The carnis target the koptas and I lose a squad.
The big Mek knows his days are numbered with the
Flyrant about to attack so he sags the carnis and inflicts some wounds
before dying.

At this point the stormboyz attack a carni from behind and how sweet is a PK?
they consolidate into carni number two.

The remaining twpo koptas hit the flyrant with all they have and hope a single buzzsaw will

The bikes join in the attack on the last carni.

At the end of ther game He had a Flyrant with a wound and a
carni with a wound. We called the game.

I still had some trukk boyz, 5 Nobz and boss and 11 stromboyz.

Well ... I really this list.
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