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Went in on Thursday to pick up some primer and found out that they were running a 1000-point tournament today. I'd spectated at a couple of previous tournaments, and they looked fun (and got me into the hobby, heh), so I figured I'd get an Ork army together and see how it was to participate. These were my first 40k games.

First, I want to note that everyone was great, lots of fun, good sportsmanship, and an all-around blast to play with. If you're in NE Dallas, definitely buy your stuff from these guys! Everybody was really nice about me not being up on a few of the rules.

My army was pretty basic. Warboss, 2 squads of 11 choppas, one with nob with PK/bosspole, the WB rode in the other. 20 footsloggin' shootas with 2 big shootas, nob with PK. 20 footsloggin' sluggas including a PK. A squad of warbikes (2 plus nob w/PK, pole) and 2 deffkopters (big shootas). 10 lootas. I fielded literally every power claw I own. ;p

Every battle was a standard scenario with a bit of a twist thrown in. 4'x4' tables, so everyone was nice and close.

First battle, against Bob and his Space Marines (codex chapter, didn't recognize the paint job)

Bob was fielding two squads of Space Marines (combat squadded into 4x5), a Vindicator, a couple of Rhinos, a Predator, and two Dreads.

This was a dawn of war deployment with 3 objectives. He had one objective in each quarter and I had one on my end.

First turn went pretty badly for me - my advanced unit of footsloggin' slugga boyz ate a pie plate and lots of other fire, broke and ran. (Shouldn't have economized by not bringing a bosspole!) My shootas came around a building in cover as the rest of my army came on. He had great rolls for shooting in the dark, and mine mostly fell short (not that ork shooting is that great to start with...)

The trukks ate a number of lascannon shots, but I got lucky on damage rolls - crew stunned, mostly. The rear trukk was essentially pinned until it blew, leaving the Warboss to get out on foot with his boys. Outflanking deffkopters did nothing and died quickly to bolter fire. The other trukk unloaded its unit, which charged a Dread, which took a few hits and was destroyed on Bob's turn.

Lootas thinned out the Marines on the right, but were unable to knock out the squad near the objective. The bikers moved up but took damage from fire, and the nob was the only one to get to the Vindicator near the objective - only one attack hit, immobilizing the Vindicator, but a fresh squad of Marines polished off the nob in a charge.

The Warboss's trukk unit, stranded on my half of the table, set out for the friendly objective, while the footsloggin' shootas conga-lined to the other objective. The Predator was wrecked by a klaw, and a fight developed between the unoccupied Dread, the surviving shootas, and 5 Marines. This went my way, especially after the trukk-squad of sluggas polished off the first Dread and piled into the back. The shootas broke and ran, but the Marines died to a man and the other dread was immobilized.

At the end of turn 4, the last we had time for, I had one slugga squad with a PK on one of the far objectives and my Warboss's unit on the near objective. There was a marine squad in the nearby cover, but not quiiiite close enough to contest the marker - Bob had left them in cover too long. He had solid control over the third objective, and a massive lead in victory and kill points if it'd come to that, but with two objectives to his one, I won the game.

Second battle, against Bob's son Cole and his IG

Cole was running IG with no armor. Lots of lascannon teams, one autocannon, a unit of stormtroopers, a penal unit, and a couple of others I didn't have the opportunity to take special note of. Primaris psyker and Creed. A Master of Ordnance in there somewhere too...

Spearhead deployment, C&C objectives. One unit got a special item equivalent to an Eldar shield, which played no role in the game as it played out. I had a sandbag area as terrain in my quarter, the IG were mostly piled in and around a ruin in his quarter. My orks were in a wide arc around 12" from the center, with trukks on the right, shootas in the middle, bikers and sluggas to the left. A scout move took my copters behind a building on the right, which he promptly used as cover to infiltrate his stormtroopers.

Cole got off to a great start - a snap shot from a lascannon exploded my Warboss trukk, killing half that unit of sluggas and half a dozen shootas standing nearby. The stormtroopers came around the cover and made short work of the copters. Ordnance pie scattered wide. He moved up a squad on the left, the penal unit and another squad on the right.

My undamaged trukk moved in on the stormtroopers and unloaded orks, who wiped the stormtroopers off in one round of fire and assault. The rest of the battle was fairly uneventful, with lootas picking off a few Guard from the cover, and the rest of my force advancing on a wide front while the Warboss went back to hold the friendly objective (or, as Cole put it, "to hide like a coward!" Heh.) Lasguns were mostly ineffective in fire against orks, and assaults went all one way. Cole picked off the bike unit, but was hurt by a Perils of the Warp and bad scatter on the ordnance. He surrendered when my orks hit his cover, as we were the last team playing at that point.

Third battle, against Jubei's Demons

Jubei was fielding a Bloodletter, two Berserkers x6, Plague Demons, some Slaneeshi, and three Demon Princes.

Pitched battle deployment, Annihilation game. One unit gets Rage. I picked my footsloggin' sluggas, Jubei picks a unit of Berserkers.

I go first and set up with Lootas in cover on the right, shootas on their left flank, then the trukks, then the bikes out on the left flank, with the copters out front. Jubei gets the half of his army he didn't want, so the plague demons, the two units of berserkers, and one of the demon princes come in, in a pretty tight formation on the right. ("Good thing you don't have any artillery!" No templates for me, more's the pity.) Everyone heads towards the orks, who respond with a lot of fire - one of the berserker units is destroyed, and the plague demons and the other berserkers suffer casualties.

Jubei's scatter dice on turn two are terrible! The Bloodletter ends up in terrain in his left corner, the Slaneeshi come eleven inches back, and one of the demon princes scatters on top of another unit and is destroyed on the Deep Strike Mishap table.

The dice run well for me and poorly for Jubei. The coptas survive three rounds of assault with the surviving berserkers and plague demons, before taking a wound and breaking; only three plague demons survive to charge into the lootas, and they do no damage before dying to loota close combat. The two demon princes are filled with shoota, loota, and slugga fire and die to no effect. My footsloggin' sluggas are charged by the bloodthirster and the Slaneeshi and are destroyed in the sweeping advance. The bloodletter charges the shootas, but can't knock out enough of them and is buried in a ton of saves. The Warboss only hops out of his truck to help hunt down the remaining two Slaneeshi, who retreat but are run down by trukks, warbikes, and a ton of slugga fire.

3-0, top score in the tournament. I got lucky thrice over. Against Bob's Marines, he would have won if he'd moved a squad up a little to keep the objective contested. Cole played a bit too aggressively against orks for an IG army with no armor support, and just had a bad case of list mismatch - too many points in vehicle kill teams and unfortunate rolls on his ordnance and psyker attacks. Jubei just needs to melt that set of scatter dice down - he hit my force piecemeal and demons just can't beat a horde army like that.

I got great advice from everyone, got to see some really nicely-painted armies, and got really lucky to boot.

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Nice way to start off 40k by winning a campaign! Good batreps also. Congrats.
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