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Other paint brands any good?

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Anyone use any paints other than GW brand? I need to get a whole new lot of paints. I am painting, or about to paint, a Slaanesh army, and my GW paints are all older. And I don't have very many. I haven't ever used any other paints, so I don't have a large basis of comparison, but I haven't been impressed with all the GW range. Some are good, but some I don't think cover well.

I have heard of:
Howard Hues
Regal Realms
Reaper Master

Have you tried these? If so which brand do you like best? Or is GW the best. Thanks alot.
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This topic has cropped up quite a bit. I am sure a search will pull up a lot of information.

I used to use GW paint and as far as paint goes there isn't anything wrong with it. However I hate their paint pot design.

I currently use both Vallejo Game and Model colors. I like them quite a bit. The game color line mimics the GW paint colors. The best part being the paints come in a eye droppy style bottle that makes measuring paint formulas very easy.

I have heard good things about the new reaper pro paints (though I have never used them) and I do believe the new pro paints also come in an eye dropper bottle.


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you can`t go wrong if you choose vallejo or reaper master series instead of gw paints. all 3 lines are good :), but vallejo and reaper are cheaper and they`re in handy eyedropper bottles.
Has anyone ever used any Tamiya paints? I heard they were good from someone, and saw them at hobbytown but... have any of you guys ever used em?
tamiya's oils and enamals are good, but their acrylics are on the scale of GW, except more expensive. I would stick with GW, reaper, or Vallejo. Usually professional painters, at least the ones that I know use a mix of all three. But, for people like me, and I'm not a bad painter - I do comissions - it is very fine to just use like folk art and apple barrel paint. If you just put some flow extender in them, they operate about the same as GW and even some vallejo paints, and are about 2 bucks cheaper!
I've grown rather fond of Golden paints. They're not specifically labeled as being for models or minis but they're top shelf professional materials. Not cheap, but you can get them in 2oz tubes or 4 oz pots.

I'f you're looking to buy a lot of paints at once I'd suggest

I've been thinking of picking up one of them myself. Can't decide which though.
Good luck.
Horusian said:
Has anyone ever used any Tamiya paints? I heard they were good from someone, and saw them at hobbytown but... have any of you guys ever used em?
I use the tamiya clear acrylics all the time for things such as power sword effects. They are very cool but I have found that they do have the tendacy to take up the paint below it if you do more than one or 2 quick coats of it. I have found the paint to be much more viscuous than the other brands.

The tamiya clear red paints makes for an interesting fresh blood look when watered down a bit.


The reaper master paints also have several clear colors. There pro paint series come in different pots (screw off top) then the master series (3/4 oz. eyedropper bottles). The master series is also bigger than the vallejo. I personally think the vallejo and reaper master paints are the way to go. I like the reaper master a little better because of the paint selection.

If you are looking to buy online, check out

they sell reaper master and vallejo game for 2.24 per bottle and have reduced shipping costs plus do free shipping if over $75 order.
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