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Well I saw this secton of the forums and thought I would place on my latest
scenery project and possibly get some comments and possibly inspire some
ideas for some people.

So....what do ya all think?(Y) (N)
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i think that it is cool but i want to nkow what you used for the base it looks really good
Well the base is made of a hard/pink styrofome that stared as a rectangle. From there I took a hand saw (small) blade and carved it into the shape you see. I next applied a ton of glue to it and then covered it with fairly find Dirt. Unfortunately it didnt cover the tiny pink spots showing so I took a can of brown spray paint and did a finish. Lastly was some patches of glue where I added the grass. The bushes are made of some green spray paint covered dry moss, thats right real dry moss:D The body was some pine and balsta wood and the search light is one from an imperial guard tank. Hope you have fun making your stuff to with this info, and thanks for the comment :D
Nice piece of work there pal.

Only one real problem that I have with it is its lack of a ladder XD *grin*
If you can get those long ****tail sticks and a bag of the smaller match sticks, woodglue them, then it would have that extra feel to it I think...not to mention some method of getting up to the tower.

Does the top come off so that you can put minis inside?

I wanted to make it so the top would come off but its really two parts glued together because I didnt have a piece in that size. Well with the glue and paint added the wood began to bend so it was uneven if the top weren't glued down. Although its still big enough for most models to be slide into.
thumbs down
Ya know that was hurtful, mostly because you didnt even give me a reason
why it was thumbs down.
CowboyAdam512 said:
thumbs down
Way to go, lets raise that post count.
Here, mate, seriously, what was the point. If your going to give his piece a poor result, fine, he asked for peoples thoughts, but at least give your reasons for it.

seriously, i think it is too tall, and the wood doesnt look realistic.
everywhere i look on this forum everyone is like "nice job" "good effort" "gold stars for everyone"
No, u asked my opinion and i gave it, and i got crap for it, dont take this as a blatant insult.... i think that u could do better :yes:

Commissar_Malevich said;
"So....what do ya all think?(thumbs up, thumbs down)"

if people arent supposed to give negitave feed back then u should ask
"thimbs up and why?"
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Well I dont do much scenery so I did with what I had. So how do you make the wood look more realistic? I'd like to know for future reference. Also its that tall because its a watch tower and typically they are tall in order to see things over a large area.
Constructive criticism.

Could you put a few models around it and photograph it again so we can get a gauge of its height in game terms?

I have to agree that when I looked at the first picture I thought "Thats a nice base. Why did he put a stool on top of it?"

And then I realized that it was the tower.

But I think the reason for that is the perspective due to the angle in which it was photographed.

Maybe if we could see it with a few of your models on/under it we could give a more detailed response.

Looks pretty good in general, but if you could perhaps drybrush on some lighter brown into the wood sections so that they looked slightly weathered? Its rare to see that wood is so uniform in colour unless it has been stained and/or varnnished. Not something they would be likely to do on an outpost.

And perhaps had a bit of green near the bases of the stilts holding up the tower it would look again a bit less...'varnished' and like moss was growing up the base.

Searchlight looks good.

Perhaps add a rope or rope ladder made out of twine at the top. That way they could lower it to let others of their own team in and raise it to deny entry.

Assuming that the roof of the watch tower isn't going to be camoflauged and it kind of looks like you were going for a 'sheet metal' look, drybrush on some gunmetal or other metalic paint along with a bit of red/orange for rust.

Oh. And the occaisional spotch of white for bird ****.

Beyond all that. I like the design. :)

Too bad height no longer really matters in 4th edition. (Mutter, grumble.)
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Alright I will get some more pics. Also thanks for all the painting advice and ideas, your really an inspiration I suppose or a mentor in some kinda of case. I dont have time to repaint it yet (cause I'm heading out for a battle :D) but I can get one with a model.
ok cowboy adam512 a little challenge for you if your up for it

YOU AND ME build a watchtower, and use any materials that you like paint it anyway you like then post it on the board for a thumbs up or thumbs down (giving reasons for both) vote by the members.

only stipulation it must be able to hold at least 5 40k models and must be 12'' (minimum) in height.

lets make it really fun lets have it finished (including painted) in a fortnight, thats finished by the 19th of feb 06

now if you want you can photograph the stages and post them if you like.

now commisar malevich

what id suggest to greate a more realistic look for this would be for you to take a blunt needle and score the wood to give it a grain, then to add some dark wash to this then start drybrushing the model in shades of brown

you may also want to consider putting some support struts between the legs and possibly if you have the bits a couple of floors wouldn't go amiss on this height of model (you can even fortify these a bit if you want)

hope that these help

and cowboy i'll send the challengeto you by pm as well
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Ok here is the pic of some of my models next to/in the watchtower. Now realize that I havent done anything yet to fix it up with all your contributions in mind. P.S. that shiny spot is a bit of super glue that needs covering up. I also would like to see the watchtowers you two might made. I think it would be a great idea.
First of all thats "Petty Officer" not Seaman

second of all, I work 14hr days currently and have no time to build scenery, soon i will have a little bit of leave and might have time then, but i dont know what to say, sleep is more important to me right now....

a challenge would be fun though so i'll give it a shot but i cant pormise u anything

and as for your timeframe, it would work for a normal person, but im in the final qual process of my training, and then i will be shipping out to the pacific.

so u can say i am a coward for for not accepting ur challenge, but i guess that will make me a coward on a warship in the persian gulf.:sleep:
Now that I can tell how tall it is, I second the motion for some crossbraces perhaps starting halfway up the pillars. It would be necessary from an engineering standpoint I think, especially with such large 'sail' surfaces. Good call by Decado on that.

Just one idea as well. If you made a trapdoor at the center of the upper platform, they could let the ladder down from that and close it up again once everyone was inside.
im not going to get into a pis sing fight with you about the job thing, (but check out what i do andthe fact that im british, for a hint, then factor in 14 years service, (and i wear a red dagger on my left arm, ask any of your senior marines what that means).;) So i'd never call anyone who wears a uniform a coward (well not without working with them first).:w00t:

as for the training i fully understand for the afore mentioned reason :yes:

my basic lasted 12 weeks then another 3 years before fully qualified.

one hint i'll give you about any final exams that you have (from an instructors point of view) the night before DON'T STUDY if you don't know it by the time the exam comes round, then you'll never know it, and all you'll end up doing is focusing on the things that you don't know and you'll walk into the exam with the wrong mindset.

another problem youre going to have hobby wise is glueing onboard ship, most ships out there ban the use of solvents due to their air filtration systems, you may be lucky to find a work station that has a fume extractor directly outside, but most ships won't have them. If memory serves cruisers and above have them, but don't quote me on that.:rolleyes:
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Don't go off topic please. Tis what the PM systems for.

Wow, that's a huge piece. Not that size matters but anyway.
Grey and Decadocame with some fine advice I think.
I think it is big enough to deserve an elevator instead of a ladder though. It could ba made quite easily with spareparts from your tanks I reckon.
whilst my challenge to our american serviceman friend has gone unanswered (a bit disapointed about that) i said i'd do it and so i shall, the plans done and the bits i'll need selected so i will build this piece and will have it posted by the 19th of this month and it will take the format of a how to.

pics of the stages will be included as well as the plans (these will be done in painter sorry)

so until then happy scenery making

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