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Painting Fissures?

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Hey i've just recently decided the base of my Witch Hunter minis, its going to be a lava
field. Problem is I've used green stuff to get everything ready and I havnt a clue
on how to paint them!

What I'm going for is glowing lava thats running underneath hardedned basalt.

Any clue on how to keep the glow from the lava while still painting the basalt?
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Think Lighting, Magma has a bit of a glow.. paint your basalt slabs first, then the magma.. then take a hard look at your bases and think where the glow from the magma would be, remember; light travels in a straight line, so if something would block the line of sight to the magma thats where your glow effects should be.
I have no idea what your talking about, maybe you could clarify and make it more simply

EDIT: Say your going to be using painting techniques, you could give individual instructions
like step A, step B, step C ect.
very interesting, it seems like laval has alot of characteristics, but mainly
what gets me is the flatness of basalt, i guess i would have trouble painting
the glow effect. Thanks for the website.
I found the perfect link for this.:yes: It looks AMAZING and EASY to do.
Dude that rocks! I've tried it and I'll get a few pix up!
Glad i could help, i just saw that article and i remembered your post so...:doctor:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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