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Pariahs or Immortals?

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I'm trying to build a 1500pt list and was wondering which unit was more efficient. Immortals or Pariahs? Also, what are the roles of each unit? What I mean by that is what do they do best?

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well it depends

it depends on wether it is a close quarter or ranged fight which one is it:sleep:
In general, Immortals are by far more effective. Generally used in the "flying circus" config (Full Squad of Immortals + Lord w/ VoD and Ord) they are a very deadly unit. They put a a LOT of firepower and with the assault value of their weapons, dont lose anything when VoD'ing. Personally I think this is the most effective thing Necrons have at their disposal.

Pariahs are much different and due to teh fact that they are slow as well as not being necrons (not to mention rediculously expensive) peole generally stay away from them. I wouldnt use them in a 1500 point battle, there are other things you need far more.
9/10 people will say that immortals are better, they play up to necrons strengths (high firepower) and they count towards phase out.

A better question to ask would be are pariahs better than the other units that do not count towards phase out (monolith, c'tan etc). What let pariahs down are their massive cost and lack of WBB, I personally wouldn't use them in a 1500 list unless you aren't taking a monolith (in which case I would urge you to take one).

I love pariahs but in a 1500 list they are too much of a risk to be really any good, they are great for friendlies down your local club/GW but for anything else they are pants.

As for their roles, pariahs are pretty much immortals with warscythes and are S5, they lose out fom that amazing loadout and statline because they have too low I to be really effective.

Against marines they are pretty good and can carve bloody ruin, but they really have to go toe-to-toe with terminatoes to earn their points, no sesible SM player would ever put their terminators up against the only necron unit that can beat them.

I would honestly love to say take pariahs but they should practically never be taken in games of 1500 points or less (at 1750 a squad of them are rather good IMO).

Hope this helps.
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ok thanks that helps a lot.

So what sort of sized squad of immortals should I take? 5 or 10?
Well, more is always better, but if you are on a point budget I would try to get 8, any lower and IMO they are too easy to wipeout.
OK. I will deffo get immortals but right now i can only afford to buy 3 or 4 I'm poor at the moment :(

Thanks for the help guys,
I'm converting Immortals out of Warriors- just doubling gauss rods, interesting paint job, sort of thing.

You should definitely proxy them before buying anything so expensive.
If I had the warriors spare to proxy them then I would do that first but unfortunately I haven't! Besides I like the immortals so expense doesn't bother me as long as I get them all 8 by August! Which is when my first tournament is ...
then you have plaenty of tiem to buy, stick and paint them. Are you going to put your lord with them?
I'd suggest puting a Lord with VoD and Ressurection Orb and join him with the Immortals.

Argh! Im confused again! What are the pros of Immortals? Their Gauss Blaster?

Because pariahs have a blaster built into their warscythes so surely pariahs would be a better option because they look cooler and have better stats. Also they can accompany my lord with his warscythe.
Immortals- they have a powerful gun and biggest of all they count to phase out.

Pariahs- all round unit. The cost a huge amount and do not count to phase out.
Ok ... I going to think about what to choose a bit more, for the reason said earlier ... models are expensive and i want to make the right decision.
Pariahs just don't cut it because of their pants inititive which as they are amred with warscythes they really need I4.

As said proxy them first in a couple of games.

9 times out of 10 immortals are the way to go (though I like destroyers more XD)
paranoid said:
Argh! Im confused again! What are the pros of Immortals? Their Gauss Blaster?

Because pariahs have a blaster built into their warscythes so surely pariahs would be a better option because they look cooler and have better stats. Also they can accompany my lord with his warscythe.
Specifically, the big pro about Immortals is that they are necrons (lower-case to refer to the rule rather than the Necrons army). That means they can get back up, they make your phase-out number bigger, and they can be teleported around the board. Pariahs do none of the above. Most people put their warscythe Lord on a destroyer body OR give him a Veil of Darkness for better mobility (and what a risk that is!), and the Pariahs can't keep up with him either way. And frankly, if you're not doing one of the two for your Lord, he's going to be in trouble; slow-moving CC needs to be a little tougher than that to justify the expense.

Gojiratoho's Pariah Tactica does a great job of describing situations for using Pariahs well. I'd strongly suggest that you read that and proxy a unit of them in a friendly game or two to get a handle on them before shelling out for the models. Strictly speaking, you could do the same for Immortals, but for most Necron lists, the choice there is pretty cut-and-dried. Odds are that you'll want to do the "Flying Circus" thing eventually.

Unrelated note: Oh, how I wish Lords could use Pariah warscythes. :cry:
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Thanks that info really helped a lot! Didn't know that pariahs couldnt be VoD'd around the board! I thought they were the Lords bodyguard so went everywhere with him ... ??
I say Immortals, Pariahs can be ok, but the amount you have to spend is kinda not worth it. Plus they do not add to Phase out %.
I just have a hard time spending that much on a 1 attack 3+ save. Yes thier Attack is great, but 10 Parishs will just be 10 attacks, that go last.
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