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[Partial 1000 pt]

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[1000 pt]

Well, I'll cut to the chase. Here's my army. Medieval themed, pictures of my command squad are in the painting competition.

-Carapace Armour
-Close Order Drill
-Iron Discipline


HQ: [151] -Carapace
-Heroic Senior Officer, Pwr Weapon, CCW, Crimson, Iron D
-Standard Bearer
-Master Vox

Troops1: Infantry Platoon [390] -Carapace
-Command: JO, Pwr Weapon, Iron Discipline
-Missile Launcher Team

-2x Squads:
-Vet. Sgt w/ Bolter, CCW
-Vox Caster

-->Vet. Sgt w/ Bolter, CCW
-->4 guardsmen

Troops2: [334 pts]
-Command: JO, Pwr Weapon, Iron Discipline
-Missile Launcher Team

-2x Squads:
-Vet. Sgt w/ Bolter, CCW
-Vox Caster

Heavy Support1: [125]

-Basilisk: Indirect
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Sounds really fluffy, but it's gonna play like crap on the board IMO.
Triumph is correct about the play value.

To make it more competative:

Drop Carapace - take Cameleoline or nothing.

Change the Autocannons to Lascannons

The Demolisher is brutal. Either take Hull HB and Sponson HBs and rush up with a Hellhound for an "assault" style Demolisher, or have Hull Lascannon, Sponson Plasma Cannons and leave back as a "Defensive" Demolisher. Definatly drop the Stubber and HK Missle.
Carapace armour is part of my fluff, and I like it. It stays regardless.

The autocannons are a bit better than lascannons, in my opinion, due to the extra shot. With the BS 3 I would prefer 2 shots to one.

The demolisher, the way I see it, is an assault demolisher. The Plasma Cannons (one, anyway), heavy bolter, and heavy stubber all work when I move 6", for a combined (movement + weapon) range of 31"->42". My demolisher cannon works pretty much any other time, although it would be risky to fire the cannon when moving 6".

Anything within 42" is in some trouble. I plan to advance my rough riders up behind my tank as it travels, so stuff can't easily pop in behind it, and they have cover frmo enemy fire. The missile is for hard targets that are out of range, like a basilisk. It's a 10 point investment that can turn into a gain 12 times its size.
You should ALWAYS be firing the main cannon, even if you moved. Sponson and forward mounted weaponary is for backup, i.e. When Demolisher turrent has exploded or when you're sure you're out of range.

If you just want to move and fire non ordonance weapons on a Russ chassy, then what you're looking for is a Leman Russ Exterminator. 3 HBs, 1 TL AC and a HS with a 6 inch move is nothing to be sneezed at, unless you're a monstrous creature thing. Then you don't give a damn. Even with your version of an assault thing, it'll still be laughing at you. 1 BS 3 plasma cannon shot, whatever. The Heavy bolter and stubber aren't even going to make an impact. Hunter Killer thing is a waste. For that many points you could buy a plasma gun or a heavy bolter which will be much more helpful.

As far as the autocannons go, what are you going to do when AV14 shows up? Fire your demolisher at it? Big waste IMO. And what are you going to do about AV 14 and monstrous creatures if your Tank gets blown up first. The 2 plasma guns in backup are going to make bugger all impact.

Once again. Nice fluffy army, just don't expect to win a lot with it.
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I do have a basilisk, you know. I'll consider taking off (or at least magnetizing... for big tables) the missle, and possibly switching around some things, maybe even having a lascannon and an autocannon.

Thanks for the advice, though, I'll think about it.
The potential damage the Bassie can do is wasted agianst vehicles. And also it's fairly useless at taking down the nasty MCs. Daemon Princes and Flying Tyrants spring to mind.
So, I played a game with my HQ and two troops, against my bro's eldar.

He had that phoenix lord thing, the guy with the melta lance, two squads of dire avengers, and some guardians. He also had a wraithlord.

My autocannons and plasmas couldn't even harm it. :-/

However, I think that with my demolisher and basilisk on the table, things might work out better. Still, I think maybe a lascannon in my command squad might go down well.
Like I pointed out in the earlier post, you need some higher strenth lower AP guns.
Yep. :p

Decado pointed out that a demolisher shouldn't be in an 1000 point list, so I'm planning to take out the demolisher and the conscripts, and add in another infantry platoon or something, I'll work that out. That infantry platoon will have lascannons.

Also, another way to deal with MCs is ratlings, I'm considering those. Hits on a 3+, wounds on a 4+, and on a 6+ they don't get an armor save. Plus they have infiltrate and such.
i.e. Lascannons and decent number of them. And to pay for that you'd need to drop something. The most useless thing being Carapace on the footsloggers, perhaps keep it on the rough riders. However I don't see that happening so I'd drop the Demolisher. I'm against fielding any sort of Russ in anything less than 1500 pts unless you're using Grenadiers.

But something else to note is that your conscripts are 80 pts worth of uselessness. If you do actually restructure your army to ditch carapace this is something to get rid of also. Replace it with another platoon.

Also, just because your army looks like it's wearing carapace, it doesn't necessarily need to use the doctrine. Justification fluffwise is that Carapace armour is actually made of moulded ceramite plates. Because your men are from a backwords medievil world their armour can be simple plates of iron, not ceramite. And if iron platemail can't stop modern day bullets, they certainly aren't going to stop bolt rounds or gauss flayers. So in that sense you can have carapacey looking armour that fluffwise gives the proection of Flak Armour.
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Something else you might consider to tie in with your fluff is using stormtroopers, in particular the kasrkin models. Seeing as they come with carapace standard, you could drop carapace from your other squads and in this way represent the more heavily armoured kasrkin as your 'knights' while your less armoured troops are just footsloggers.. You could go so far as to give these kasrkin a chimera to represent their iron 'steed' for stransport. I guess your theme seems pretty cool so stick with it and Im sure you'll do ok. I will however second Diggums and Triumphs suggestions of high strength low ap weapons. At 1000pts you will probably be needing something like 3-4 lascannons in your list somewhere.
In the carapace armour it states it can be ceramite or 'bulky feral platemail'. I like carapace, it's a bit different from the norm. And I do plan on dropping the Demolisher and conscripts in for a second platoon. The platoon commanders will probably have a lascannon/missle launcher in their squads, and the infantry squads will have lascannons.
Captain Strong said:
or 'bulky feral platemail'.
Made of what? Not simplistic iron IMO. Something alien and perhaps native to the planet.

But yeah, as I expected you weren't going to drop it anyways.
Nope, it stays. :p

I updated the army again, according to some of your advice. 2x Missile Launchers, 2x Lascannons, 2x Autocannons, and a remnant squad which should come in very handy: it's a scoring unit, and most people will ignore it, or waste some fire on it.
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