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Personal Icons?

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I can't find the entry for them in the codex. Is it even in there? If it isn't, where can I find that out? Or could you all tell me if they function as a daemon icon or something?
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they're in the descriptions of wargear just after the armoury. Its alll in alphabetical order so not to hard to find. To lazy to find the page number.
Yeah. It's on the wargear page. Page 14, under "Wargear".

If you're looking for the rules for it, then it's on page 16, third column, right at the bottom. :)
Thanks, so it counts as a basic icon then right? I assume thats what it means by an icon for daemon summoning, but for that many points I would like it to count as a daemon icon like for the chosen.
Mutuus said:
Thanks, so it counts as a basic icon then right?
Right. It's basically a normal icon that is carried by Independant Characters, or Aspiring Champions if you're really paranoid about having only a single icon in a unit.
Unfortunately it doesn't. Shame, really, but hey! You can only get Special Icons for squads of chosen. (I'm not sure if it's only for undivided)

Just to make sure, if you're using this for Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle or Slaanesh then you don't need it. Units with Marks of Chaos automatically come with an Icon.
Yeah, I just realy wanted a unit of daemons bound to my Berzerker Bikers, but that won't happen, sigh.
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