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phsychic hood against farseers

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how does the space marines librarians physchic hood effect Farseers. does runes of warding have any effect on phschic hood and can the librarian use it on all physchic attacks that turn or can he only nullify one attack per turn and when the librarian uses spells like fury of the ancients, if the line passes 6" near the farseer or through it's squad does the space marine player need to roll 3D6 and discard lowest for passing physchic test.
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psychic hood can be used against every power used that turn but only once per power used

e.g: you use fortune he can use hood
you also use mind war he can also use hood

so he can nullify every power you use during a game if his rolls are good
The psychic hood is not a psychic power, and thus is not affected by Runes of Warding.

(Even if it were, you do not take a ld test to actually use the psychic hood - thus the RoWarding would be useless anyway.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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