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Just thought I'd post up my OK army here

first ; the army-wide shots (taken with my old cam, I'll have to take some new ones with my new one)

all the following pics have been taken with the new cam

2 more armored units of bulls;

a close-up of one of their faces;

regular bulls;


tyrant w/ luck gnoblar:

here's some clearer pics of the gnobbelcher

here are my butchers
the regular one

the pirate butcher

and his gnoblarrot

"the trenchcoat"

a close-up of the counter gnoblar (can they count???) and his scarred face - the black around the eyes and mouth are to give him a more grizzly look, but don't look as good in closeups

a unit of leadbelchers

my trappers - still need basing and minor touchups. The store I go to couldn't get me the metal ones, so I had to improvise with plastics

the headsnatcher

my take on the GW trapper mini trying to open a beartrap:

but what would an OK army be without firm ranks of ironguts: here's some of the boyz:

the different tattoos for keeping track of wounds on units

this guy doesn't need a helmet; just look at him :D

one of the benefits of working for dwarves; you get a nice new shield every now and then

Would you want to hit his shoulder? I wouldn't

spare shields from different races come in handy

EDIT: Merged into a single post. Please avoid double (and more) posting where possible... -t.

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Well thats quite a few ogres you have here ;). I really like that trenchcoat guy, he just looks COOL. Also like the gnoblar opening the beartrap, I can just see him losing control of it and getting sliced in half :rofl.

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This warrants rep not only for the nice choice of colours, but the overall level of amusingness in your army! The best one has to be the Gnoblar being fired from the leadbelcher cannon, something I've wanted to do for ages. All he needs is some flying goggles and a knife clenched in his mouth! 8Y very nice work!


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These look great man, love the creativity. Although I will probably paint mine different, I like how your gorgers blend in with the color of your army. Great 'character' to your army, love it.
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