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Pics of my latest IG and Space wolves scouts minis

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well, it took me some time finishing my wolf scouts and some IG, but here is the result.

the wolf scouts are painted in white/medium sea grey (vallejo paints) and the IG platoon are painted basically with luftwaffe camo green. The helmets are scavenged from brettonians basically, and the mark of the left shoulder pad is a romboid with a black arrow (symbol of penal legions)

the IG minis are vaguely inspired in wwI british soldiers, but i think they are cool
what do you think?

wolf scouts

imperial guard

sorry for the bad quality photos...
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Cool, the scouts have a very 13th company feel to them, but cool none the less.

I like the coats and hats on the guard, vey trenchcoat warriors.
Good job.
I like the look to your imperial guards. For the table top they will look good.

Some areas to look at if you are thinking of improving upon them.

The eyes don't look quite right. Taking a darker flesh tone and going around the eyes will help separate them and get rid of the wide eyed look. Even a flesh ink/chestnut ink lining would work good.

Your paints look think in areas. In the future I would thin your paints more. Vallejo paints have high pigmentations and take thinning rather well.

Your highlights and shadow aren't really showing. Maybe go a bit lighter.

I would consider darklining the various areas of your figures. Things like where the clothing ends and the flesh begins. Between various addtions to the armor, etc. This will help the model "pop".


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Is anyone else thinking Genswick 33rd? That's the feeling I'm getting from those Guardsmen.

But, for constructive criticism - Those little ridges on the helmets - File them down and make the helmet smooth all the way around. It looks more authentic World War One.

Also, remove the gorgets from underneath the face. It looks very out of place...
yes, you're right, i have some problems inking faces with brown ink, i'll try to darkline their faces with a darker skin color.

i always have real problems painting their eyes and faces... too much time painting marines i think...

i'll try to rectificate the faces (i have not varnished yet), and maybe underline as slorak said.

about the gorgets & the ridges... i made an experiment trying to eliminate them (with catastrophic results... gorgets are unremovable, as they are part of the head and i would have to reconstruct the head, or cut the helmet and glue it to another plastic head.

i first tried to carve the helmets, but i had no relevant success at it, and it got very plain.

thanks, i'll try to improve my minis, i'll be beginning some new IGs, so i'll try to do my best.
Very nice models.

Where did you get the hats for the guardsmen from? They look familiar but it annoys me that I can't place them.
I took them from brettonian men at arms.
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