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Hello again,

Sometimes there are clear instances when you get to upgrade a model in a unit, and the model gains some ability which replaces a previously held ability, the one held by the majority of models in the unit.

But, I can't find anything in the codex that says when you give a Pink Horror the Bolt of Tzeentch, it loses Warpfire. The wording is "gift one model." If it had said "upgrade," I would moreso consider that to be a replacement, since it seems like he's trading in for something better. Maybe I'm reading into it too much. Is there anything in the rulebook that covers upgrades in this light?

In other words, I gift Breath of Chaos to my Lord of Tzeentch, and this does not override any of his default shooting attacks. Why should it for the Horror? There's no rule that I'm aware of that that says Infantry are allowed only one shooting attack!

It'd be nice to be able to pick and choose when to use the Bolt, and when to have it contribute to the volleys of shots Horrors need to be successful. Am I asking for too much, or is this indeed the case??

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