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So I've recently found myself in possession of 6th ed Daemonettes. I was originally intending to make them into Harpies via Gargoyle wings but I like them much more than the current Witch models. I also ordered the Raging Heroes command set and they fit splendidly into a Slaanesh theme.

Then the idea struck, bring back ye olde Cult of Slaanesh!

Daemonettes instead of Witches.

This creature clearly warped by Chaos magics as my Sorceress on a Pegasus.

My Cauldron of Blood will not have a statue of Khaine, but a huge self-indulgent statue of the army's general! Made by a 54mm version of the model Dark Elf head, twisted vine sword and shield and tossing in standard Cauldron of Blood bits.

Between the massive statue and naked twins for a BSB I think it might give Sigvald a run on the vanity and depravity scale.

Amy list is basically as follows:
Lv.4 Sorceress on Pegasus
Lv.2 Sorceress on Horse (Sorceress on Seeker of Slaanesh mount maybe?)
Cauldron of Blood BSB
Dark Riders
Cold One Knights
Black Guard
Witches (Daemonettes)
War Hydra
Reaper Bolt Throwers

What do you think so far? Any ideas how to mock up the rest of the army to fit the theme? Plenty of Slaanesh symbols on Warrior's Shields, not sure what else.
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