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Plasma Cannon attacks??

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The last game i played was the first since i re-started the hobby after about 6 years.
My opponent seemed to think that plasma cannons only roll ONE dice.. and even though it says 'heavy-1' in the rules, i could have sworn by memory that u roll more than one dice for a plasma cannon..

So can anyone tell me exactly how many shots(dice) a plasma cannon rolls?

Thanks! :)
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I'm not entirely sure as to your confusion.

How many times does a Plasma Cannon fire? Heavy 1 does give you your answer, why would 1 imply more than one shots?
i know! im saying BY MEMORY i thought plasma cannons were 2 shots. if they are only 1 then why the hell would anyone take them instead of lascannons when they have str8 instead of a lascannons str9?. i thought the idea was that u sacrifice a str point but in return it has more shots..but i geuss not..seems stupid.
Anyway i guess the answer is 1 then. :( bummer

I think I see where you're confused.

A plasma cannon is heavy 1, blast. So you only fire 1 shot, but could end up rolling a few dice to hit.
Ah right, now I get your question.

Plasma Cannon may only be Heavy 1...but they are Blast Template :)

If your enemy doesn't deliberately space very widely, I'm sure you can cover 2 models at a time. And if those 2 models happen to be say Terminators....then ouch. You also get the flexibility of being able to take out light vehicles, which is always handy against Orks.
Ohhhhh template!.. i get it now. so u fire 1 shot but a template can cover say 2-3 models then u roll 2-3 dice.. thatd be why i remember rolling more than 1 dice for them back when i played as a youngster lol
Man, one more thing i was doing wrong in that first match, next time that guy is screwed! *laughs evilly* lol

thanks guys!
DA_recruit said:
why the hell would anyone take them instead of lascannons when they have str8 instead of a lascannons str9?
Just wanted to point out that plasma cannons are NOT str8, they're Str7 only.
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