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Hi, This Is My Strigoi Army List. Its supposed to be a more wild foresty theme. My Strigois gonna hav sum cool bat wings, my grave guard will be DE Corsairs with dead flesh faces and my spirit hosts will be chaos hounds painted like ghosts.


1 Strigoi Lord With Bat Form And ??? 330 pts At Least

Lvl 2 Necro Dispel Scroll And Book Of Arkhan 150 pts

'' '' Power Familiar 150 pts


9 Ghouls 72 pts

9 Ghouls 72 pts

20 Skeletons Light Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command 225pts

20 Skeletons Light Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command 225 pts

5 Dire Wolves 50 pts

5 Dire Wolves 50 pts

5 Dire Wolves 50 pts

5 Dire Wolves 50 pts


4 Fell Bats 80 pts

24 Grave Guard Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon, Shield, Full Command 342 pts

5 Spirit Hosts 325 pts


Banshee 90 pts

TOTAL 2261 pts

And Thats It.
Is Summon Ghouls Only able 2 b used once in the hole game?
I Know Its way over thats y i need help. Also i want to put a character in my graveguard unit but dont know who, i was thinking my strig but he has wings and it wud b a waste. unless i take the wings of him.
I dunno Anyway thanks b4 hand cus ill probably forget.

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it seems what your trying to go for is a fast moving army, that looks like a wild pack of animals. i would rid myself of the skeletons. and give yourself an another necromancer instead. that way you can use them to summon the skeletons and you dont have to waste points on them. also, what are you hoping to accomplish with the spirit hosts? i would either use them as a screen or to tie up your opponents heaviest units, such as knights, or chosen. i would keep the strigoi seperate. take advantage of his wings and use him as an artillery/character hunter. thuis you can get rid of the fell bats, since their role will be fullfilled. this should get you lots of points back. but mostly, SUMMON SKELETONS LIKE MAD!!!! summoning is the VC's biggest advantage, use it. well, thats it, hope this helps! good luck!

p.s- Kuffy might be by later to ream you for posting in the wrong area, i see he already got you once.

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I give this two hours before it's locked for being in the wrong location. You should use the army list subforums at the top of the VC forum. edit: I was wrong...two hours and counting!

It's a pretty solid list, lots of core. Drop two units of spirit hosts--more maneuverable and free up points for something else. Five can just be in the way eventually. Two bat swarms would be really useful as replacements.

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