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Hello everyone and thank you for helping me get this far. I need some input on my Black legion army list I have a feeling that I am spending to many points on items and possibly to the wrong units. Criticize all you want I am here to learn any way I can. This point value is for an extreme game of 4500pts But I am hoping that someone could show me what to use to make an effective force vs tyranids with the folloing armylist for a 2-3000pt game. Thanks AGAIN!

1.) Abaddon
2.) Bloodthirster

1.) x5-10 Chosen Terminator Champions
a.) Power fists
b.) MoU
c.) CCW
d.) Upgrade one to Sorcerer
e.) Gift of Chaos
f.) Deamon Icon

2.) x3 Obliterators
3.) x10 Khorne Possesed
a.) x10 Deamonic Talons
b.) Banner or rage
c.) Talisman of Blood
d.) MoK
e.) Upgrade to Asp Champ.

Heavy Support
1.) Defiler
a.) Parasitic possession

2.) Predator
a.) Autocannon
b.) Heavy Bolters

Fast Attack
1.) x3 Chaos Space Marine Bikers
a.) x2 Plasma Gun
b.) MoU/Icon
2.) x3 Chaos Space Marine Bikers
a.) x2 Plasma Gun
b.) MoU/Icon

1.) x10 Chaos Space Marines
a.) MoU/Icon
2.) x10 Chaos Space Marines
a.) MoU/Icon
3.) x12 Chaos Space Maines
a.) MoU/Icon
4.) x10 Bloodletters
5.) x10 Bloodletters
6.) x7 Horrors / x8 Flamers

I know I am a noob but I love this game and I would appreciate anyone willing to take the time to help me learn more.

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