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Space Marine rules. OK, it's probably been done before, and it's probably jsut a cheap way to get Marines in my gang, but hear me out, willya? I've put these on the official spec games forum, but i need as many ideas as i can get, thanks.

Rogue Marine (Hired Gun)

Rogue Marines are a rare sight in the Underhive, but even so, they have been known. There are many reasons an Imperial Space Marine may go ‘Rogue’, and live apart from society. Sometimes they are put on a personal penitent quest for breaking one of the rules of the chapter. Sometimes they take it upon themselves to pay for some flaw in their past. Sometimes, very, very, rarely, a Space Marine will desert, for reasons best known to themselves. Whatever the reasons, many ‘Rogue Marines’ find their way down below civilisation, where there is no end of sinners, mutants and deviants for them to satisfy their honour upon. Of course, being in the Underhive means that they must pay for their ammunition, and to keep their armour shiny and working. To pay for this, a few take up mercenary work, being hired by local gangs

Hire fee: 100 creds.

Marine: M4 WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W2 I4 A2 Ld8

Skills: Dodge (agility), Combat Master (combat), True Grit (ferocity), Weaponsmith (techno), Crack Shot (shooting)

Weapons: Any number of knives, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades.

Special Rules
Power Armour: The Marine’s Power Armour gives him a 3+ Armour Save, and the following skills: Crushing Blow (strength), Hip Shooting (shooting). The helmet contains a respirator and a photo-visor.

Imperial Fanatics: Before hiring a Rogue Marine, a Gang Leader must show he is (apparently) a devout enough follower of the Emperor. To do this, the most common way is to donate something to the local chapel. If he (or she) donates enough, the Marine might be impressed enough, and take the fight to the ‘Heretics’.
A player must declare how much he is donating in the presence of another campaign player. This amount is removed from the hiring player’s stash. Then, divide the amount by 10, rounding fractions down. Add to this the result of a D6 roll, and if this adds up to 7 or more, you may hire the Rogue Marine. Note you must pay the Hire Fee in addition to this. You must do this in the same Trading session in which you wish to hire the Rogue Marine

Weapons: Rogue Marines have many different weapons, as they carry what they want. Most however carry either a Boltgun, a pair of Bolt Pistols, or a Bolt pistol and Chainsword. After you have hired your Rogue Marine, roll on the table below to find out what weapons and skills (in addition to those listed above) the Marine has.
1-2: Boltgun w/ telescopic sight, Marksman and rapid fire/Boltgun.
3-4: 2 Bolt pistols, both w/ red-dot sight, Gunfighter
5-6: Bolt Pistol w/ red-dot sight, Feint.

Alot of this needs tweaking, and maybe the whole idea needs scrapping, but any feedback would be welcomed.

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I dunno.. I just can't see it working on a fluff or game terms.

Gamewise, we have to remember that necromunda is scaled down. We're not talking about professional soldiers here, just gangers with guns. Even if you wanted to add 40k space marines to this, as opposed to fluff space marines, I'd suggest raising their average statline to 5. If you wanted fluff space marines, probably around 6, with at least 3 wounds. You can now see why I don't think it's a good idea.. one space marine could probably take down an entire starting gang. That, and he needs nerves of steel and killer reputation, at the very least, to make him fit with the fluff.

Fluffwise, I'm not sure..

1. Why would a loyalist (or semi loyalist) marine be hanging out in the crappy areas of one of the Imperium's important hive worlds? How did he get there, and more importantly, what does he think he's doing? What would possess a guy who only follows what he feels to be his religiously appointed duty to get involved in petty gang warfare? The ammo argument doesn't really work for him either, he's surrounded by non combat trained humans.. to be honest, he could probably tear them apart with his bare hands, then take their ammo.

I can just see a gang failing its bottle test and being gunned down by the marine they just hired, screaming 'Cowards die in shame!'

2. The red corsairs are chaos marines, so the question of what one would be doing in the vital Imperial world of Necromunda is a little much. Also, the gang hiring him would probably have to put up with his chaotic habbits, such as ritually saccrificing their prisoners (and juves) and numerous killing sprees. No gang wants that kind of attention, especially since it's likely to bring forces bigger than they can possibly comprehend (like the Inquisition) down on them.

Necromunda is a small game, set in a small setting with small characters carving out small kingdoms for themselves amongst the wreckage of the underhive. Does it need the ultimately cool champions of amazingness, who fight epic battles every day? I don't think it does.

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The_Giant_Mantis said:
The ammo argument doesn't really work for him either, he's surrounded by non combat trained humans.. to be honest, he could probably tear them apart with his bare hands, then take their ammo.
Yes, because that'll satisfy his honour, won't it? tearing apart civilians. Also, i didn't want to go the whole hog and make him a complete Movie Marine, so that's why he's only slightly better than in 40k. The argument about Gangers not being fully traained soldiers is good, except you have to remember that alot of 40k stats doesn't fit with the fluff (marines being a prime example of this), and a ganger has jsut as much chacne of hitting a single guy at 24" range as a Gaurdsman has of hitting someone in a closely packed squad at the same range. If I've missed anything else to explain why I did some of the things you picked me up on, I'm sorry. Ah, i rermber one! he's not a fallen angel because i don't like Dark angels over-much. Simplistic, but honest.

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dude jus play skayras and use marine models.
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