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Please help a new player who is tired of losing.

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The last game I played was for 1500 points against ultramarines. I chose a lord with VOD, flame gaze and lightning field. I also had 2 x 10 warrior squads, 10 immortals, 10 flayed ones, three heavy destroyers and the nightbringer. My plan was to use VOD to get close and rapid fire his most dangerous unit, and then tie him up in CC with that unit and infiltrating flayed ones until the nightbringer arrived to finish him off.

The ultramarine player chose a librarian, 2 x 10 man troop squads, each with a power fisted sergeant and melta gun, 2 land speeder tornados, 1 dread with assault cannon, 1 devastator squad with 3 missile launchers and a lascannon, a terminator squad with 2 assault cannons, a small scout sniper squad with a missile launcher, a small tactical squad with a lascannon, and a vindicator! He didn’t move much, just stood there and kept shooting.

He won first turn and moved the vindicator a bit forward, enough to get line of sight on one of my infiltrated flayed ones. After the scatter roll and a poor WBB roll 4 were killed.

I used VOD to bring in a warrior squad and attack his most dangerous unit, the vindicator, and immobilized it. I brought up the heavy destroyers and destroyed one of his landspeeders.

On turn 2 just about everybody he had shot at my warrior squad, knocking it down to 1 and the lord. He used his snipers to pound my immortals as they tried to move forward. He used the devastator squad and remaining tornado to good effect against my heavy destroyers, killing two. They failed their WBB rolls.

When it was my turn I moved the remaining heavy destroyer back to stay out of assault cannon range, and then blew one weapon off of his dread. The immortals took out two of his terminators. I charged my lord and few remaining warriors from the VOD unit into one of his tactical squads, figuring that they were strong enough to do a lot of damage and survive long enough to allow the nightbringer to get there. That didn’t happen. Between the power fist on the sergeant and the librarian’s force weapon I lost them all, including my lord.

I don’t recall the specifics of the rest of the game. My flayed ones all died during the next shooting phase, I managed to kill the dread, vindicator and terminator squad, and even wiped out one of his tactical squads with the nightbringer before I got phased out. I never touched his devastator squad, the sniper squad or the small LC squad.

The problem I have is that he has too many units with long range heavy weapons. It seems like no matter how many I kill, there is always another unit with a missile launcher, lascannon or assault cannon. He always phases me out before I can get them all.

The Nightbringer did great against the one tac squad he managed to reach, but took forever to get there. I can’t use VOD to get him into combat any quicker. What good is it to have the best cc model in the game when he can’t reach the enemy to get into cc until it is too late to make any difference? Whenever I use destroyers or heavy destroyers he just shoots them first with his heavy weapons. They never earn their points back. I didn’t use VOD with the immortal squad because the last time I did I destroyed his vindicator, but then got shot to pieces by all of his other units. I didn’t want to lose such a valuable unit again during turn one, and so chose the warrior squad, which was just as effective. If I don’t use VOD I get destroyed as I slowly march up the board toward him. If I do use it I get one good turn of shooting before getting slaughtered by all of his remaining force.

Sorry for the long post, but I figured that some detail would help you help me. This game would be much more fun if I won occasionally.
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TBH, I can't see the lightning field being all that much help. Much better to spend the points on, say, a phase shifter.

SM are always a toughy.

If I were to use a VoD Lord, it would be with the immortals, but that's probably personal preference. I would suggest keeping the Lord with the troops for CC support and res orb.

Some Destroyers could help- wounding on 2s for the marines, and the range to take out the snipers, as well as a decent shot at taking down a tank.

I personally would not be averse to taking the deceiver instead of the nightbringer. You've saved yourself 60 points, allowed for some tactical advantages using grand illusion, and the 1 extra attack and strength isn't that much use against the average SM anyway. The Initiative, however, could be.

You could try using scarabs to tie up a tactical squad, they're the norm.

Hope I've helped.
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nee said:
On turn 2 just about everybody he had shot at my warrior squad, knocking it down to 1 and the lord.
I charged my lord and few remaining warriors from the VOD unit into one of his tactical squads, figuring that they were strong enough to do a lot of damage and survive long enough to allow the nightbringer to get there. That didn’t happen. Between the power fist on the sergeant and the librarian’s force weapon I lost them all, including my lord.
So you assaulted a full tactical squad backed up by a librarian all led by the serg with a powerfist with only two models? Your lord deserved that inlking of death regardless of how the battle was going...8)

The unit was gone, cut your losses, get the lord out of the remnants of the squad and VOD your other one in to do more damage.

Instead of going at the speeders with the HD's you should have taken down the vindi first. Then gone after the speeders and dread regardless of losses from them. Of course not moving them closer would have been good as well.

That move for your lord had me stunned nee, I don't think I've ever seen necrons so willing to die.
Also, the problem with fighting Space Marines is that their 3+ Armour saves make them as hard as nails to wound with shooting. Your Necrons should never be in close combat in the first place. Don't worry, I feel your pain, but assaulting a Librarian and a Tactical Squad with just a Lord and a Warrior is a recipe for disaster. Necrons are not an incredibly aggressive army and their strength lies when many of the units are close together and can support each other. You might have wanted to teleport the Immortals instead of the Warriors and move everything to places where they can all conveniently threaten one unit. My advice for your next game is have at least 3 Heavy Destroyers and focus at least two squads on one of your opponent's squads, as it can hurt you whether it has 1 or 9 models. Once you get them down to about 2 or 3, use the Staff of Light to finish them off.

Good luck and don't let the SMurfs get you down!
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Warriors are far and away the most important necron unit. Get more. Have a lord stay back with them, with a res orb (a second one if you have to), and march your big block of warriors supported by Monolith, Deceiver or NB to flavor (I like mono). Once they are close enough, their WBB will let you easily outshoot your opponent. Destroys and Heavy Destorys are good too. Take out template weapons first (vindi) then move to his CC troops if you can, if not take out other long range weapons, or target his mobility when then opportunity arises.

I play Iron Warrios chaos, and when my necron friend brings 50 or 60 warriors to a fight, even my considerable shooting has a hard time dealing with them.
Drop Nightbringer from the army, that's my suggestion. Replace him with more warriors, destroyers and scarabs. Only a handful of is neccessary to tie up inconvienient units for several turns and they could have harassed the vindicator or the speeders. Did you try targetting the scouts with the immortals? They have only armour 4 so they'd drop a lot faster than regular marines when hit by heavy gauss. And remember to use the mobility of the heavy destroyers get into positions where they can only see (and be seen) by one enemy unit and pound it forcing him to move units around if he wants to return fire.

And make a plan before you even turn up. Having a scheme for the army will help- even if the first plan falls apart if gives you an anchor to work out where it all went wrong.
Indded...No NB in 1500 point games...he takes up too much. Get some more necrons, get some normal destroyers and for gods sake get a res orb!

Thats probably the biggest thing is your lord doesn't actually have one, LF and GoF are some of the lowest priority pieces of wargear.
im not going to comment on the game, because that isnt one of the best games ive ever read (tactically, and emotionally lol). But i will help you with the list.

Drop Nightbringer. that brings you to 1340 pts

drop flayed ones. i like them, but dont work in games, especially in this list. this leaves you with 1160

change the lord to VoD & res orb.

give yourself another squad of warriors. then get some serious Destroyers (not heavy) maybe 6 of them.

this gives you something like 30 points. with this much, i would just grab 1 more warrior. be on your way. yes its very generic, but its a good solid list, and shouldnt get destroyed by that SM list.

just my 3 cents.

but remember, i have a tendency not to know what im talking about ^_^
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In my 1500 point list I have seven destroyers, admittetly this is a lot but destroyers are your mobile firepower, they are absolutly invaluable at tying up flanks and killing stuff at range.

I personally like having 30 warriors- this give you a solid core for your army that when combined with the lord is hard to crack.

Take a few scarab squads just to use as cannon fodder- they will either die (saving fire from your warriors or whatever) or they will be ignored and are ecellent at tieing up stuff like devastator squads (I have used this to great affect)

Hope this helps.
Necron Tactics

I designed and built my army around a little bit of a differnt tactic than most Necron Armies and so far it has worked wonderfully. I have a very good WIN rate.

Here is the basic breakdown.

I start with my wraiths on one flank and my destroyers & Destoyer Lord on the other. I mas my warriors in the middle of field, in a "V" formation.
My Monolith and my Flayed Ones are held in reserve along with a squad of 10 warriors.

Turn 1: Wraiths and Destroyers move around the flanks and attack the edges, the Warriors casually walk forward. Heavy Destroyer takes up a nice postion and starts to work it's wonderful voodoo.... Long range attacks

Turn 2: Wraiths and Destoyer continue their attack, Monolith deepstrikes, near the bulk of the enemy troops. Gauss Flux does it's work. Necron Warriors will later be deployed when capable. Warriors continue their march.
My lord uses the veil and drops a 5-man Immortal squad on/near the command sqaud. If hand to hand ensues, the Veil and pull the squad out.

Turn 3: By this time, my army is 50% enagaged with the enemy. The first two rounds should have opened up some spaces and that is where my Flayed Ones will be DeepStriked in. Presto... now all my Hand to Hand specialists are in my opponent's forces.

Turn 4: Destoyers with Destroyer Lord, continue to press through the lines and balst anything and everything I can. Wariths and Flayed Ones engage and tie up the bulk of the problem troops.
If not already, my warriors are now in range to open fire with their combined might. 15-man squads.

These tactics have proven successful time and again..... In essense, I created a fast attack Necron army.
My biggest claims to fame is taking out an Armored Company, one tank limped away...
And my Monolith wiped out a Wulfen Bretheren Chais Marine Command Company and Dreadnaught in the same turn.

These tactics don
't work for everyone, but they do for me.
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Why no 'lith? You could have deep struck behind their lines, and brought in Warriors from Reserve through it. My friend likes to take two of them, and take as few things as possible onto the field on the first turn. (he likes to take monoliths, and Warriors.) He deepstrikes a monolith or two, then out pour the warriors. They can take a crack at a tank or squad, take wounds, then get charged. You get a few killed. You teleport behind the 'Lith. You get another WBB, then get to shoot under it, as it is a skimmer. They have to move around you, causing more annoying pain. Baiting him into charging turbo-boosted Scarabs is also an idea.
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