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Points and Rhinos

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Well I never really though I would be asking a question like this but what upgrades are worth putting on a Rhino. My thoughts are go cheap as possible. Why???? Junky armor. Armor 11/11/10. It just won't survive a battle. So I was thinking just a basic lay-out. So Smoke launchers, Spot light, and Storm Bolter, but I was looking at some gear. Like Hunter-Killer missile, the one I was really looking at was a Dozer blade. I would like input.
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Rhinos exist to get a unit from A to B, not to survive tank killing weapons and its loadout should reflect this.

HK missiles are simply not worth it on such a vehicle, yet the dozerblade in a fantastic investment as it supports the rhino it it's primary goal - to get across the table as fast as it can.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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