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Points cost

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So for some reason I've been trying to figure out a small points cost issue. So for arguments sake, here's an example.

You have a terminator Sergeant armed with a storm bolter. You wish to swap that storm bolter for a combi-melta. Now do you pay only 5 points (10 for the melta - 5 for the storm bolter) or do you pay the full 10?

It would seem to me only 5, since you have lost the original item, and the point cost in the war gear list are for the independant characters, who (mostly) don't have weapons wrapped into their base points cost.

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I believe you pay 10 because every time I look at official army builds at the GW website or at a GW tourney I don't see a -1 point when you equip a sergeant with a powerfist to replace the chainsaw.
I don't think that any unit allows one to reclaim points when you decide to replace an existing weapon. In most cases its safest to assume that the cost of the new weapons already factors in the cost of the weapons they are replacing. Even when that isn't true, or where it doesn't seem logical, you're stuck with eating the full cost of the new weapon. That's just how it is.
You have to pay the full points value and you lose the original weapon. That's why it isn't reccomended to replace a chaplain's power weapon with lightning claws.
When you upgrade, you just tack on the extra points. You don't subtract any for the replaced weapon.
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