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Points for equipment...?

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Okay, I know a bit of the rules for 40k, and there extra equipment (or the choice of equipment if you could choose) costet points. Like a Plasma Cannon costs 10, while a Gun costs 5 (just an example). Is there something like that in Fantasy Battles too, and do I have to worry about such when putting together my Glade Guard?
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With Glade Guard, no, you do not have to worry about such things (As all Glade Guard, whether they are Scouts or not, are armed with a Hand Weapon and a Longbow, that's it)

With Dark Elves, for example, you would have to. (Their Warriors have options for shields, spears and crossbows, which cost a different amount of points, so...)
Teron's correect you just stick them together but make sure youre clear whether you have the champion or not. oh and stick them correctly, on my Tau there shoulder pads are on the wrong arm!
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