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Points question for you experienced WHFB Players

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After much deliberation (And arm twisting by friends), I have decided to start playing Warhammer FB.

I just purchaced the Tomb Kings Codex and have been reading through it a lot.

I just have a question for you more experienced WHFB players.

What is the average points used in a battle?

I know in 40K most 'pick up games' and tourneys are 1850 points and a large battle may be 2000 - 3000 points with the minimum of about 1000 points for the smaller battle.

I just want to get an idea of what type and how many troops I was looking at.

If someone can give me an idea I'd appreciate your time.
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I don't know about other players but me and my 'group' usually play 1500-2500 games. I think most tounaments are 2000, although I haven't played in many.
WHFB battles takes more time to play than 40k from my expreience.
You really should play 2000+ pts, as this is the normal points and TK perform badly under that. TK really suffer the lower they go in points. Border patrol......I refuse to imagine it.:x

And a Lord is very important for TK. Either an LHP with one or two priests, or a TK with three priests. Though we continue to search for a hero worse than the icon bearer, we have not found it.
Thanks all, I appreciate the prompt replies.

I've been reading many of the TK suggestion threads and all seem to agree with y'all about TK's problems in < 2000 points...

I guess I'm in for another collection mania deal like my 12,000 points of Orks. :cry:
I usually play 3k games, they allow a very varied and good list to be made. TK are nasty at that level.

I have ran 1k lists with TK and won very convincingly, but generally they are not at full effectiveness until 2k.
I agree, TK can be very deadly at 1k, its just that most people want to employ the same tactic as when playing 2k, so they think they are useless, when in fact this is far from the truth.

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