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Hey guys!
So I've been thinking about how best to outfit my Inquisitor. Since I want an all-around type of guy, I'm trying to decide between two configurations:

Inquisitor Lord with stormbolter/psycannon rounds, Hammerhand psychic power, and frag grenades
Henchmen: Familiar, Acolyte w/carapace armor and Brazier of Holy Fire, Veteran Guardsman w/flamer, and 2 Crusaders
Rhino w/smoke launchers, extra armor, and hunter-killer missile


Inquisitor Lord with power weapon, bolt pistol, Scourging psychic power, frag and krak grenades
Same Henchmen
Same Rhino

As you can see, the main difference is between the 1) stormbolter/psycannon rounds, Hammerhand build and the 2) power weapon, bolt pistol, Scourging build. I'm not much for theoryhammer, but I made a list of pros and cons.

Storm bolter/psycannon rounds
-Pros: 24-inch range, no psychic test, AP 4
-Cons: only 2 shots, two-handed weapon, only S4
-Pros: d6 shots, S5, no hands required
-Cons: only 18-inch range, psychic test required, only AP5
Things in common: no invulnerable saves allowed, assault-type weapons, same points cost

-Pros: double strength, points-cheaper (no krak grenades required)
-Cons: psychic test required, armor saves allowed
Power weapon/bolt pistol
-Pros: no armor saves allowed, no psychic test
-Cons: regular strength, more points-expensive (krak grenades required)
Things in common: +1 A, same initiative

Soooo...long story short, which would be a better configuration?

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Half baked CC lord
-Pros: different
-Cons: pretty much anything else you could buy for the same (230+) points would be better

There isn't really any right answer to a CC lord's loadout - he's never going to be worth his cost. Just give him what appeals to you and run him for the fun of it.
You might even fancy Karamazov when you are spending that much (if you could subtract the dead weight of the mandate from his cost he'd probably tempt more players)
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