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The goal of this post is to collect and compile a complete tactica on subjects pertaining to terrain setup on a modular table, and army deployment based on army compositions.

Three Phases of Tactica
I view the game as 3 places to deploy tactics.

The first place is scenery. How much and where? The BB says that you should have about 25% of the board covered with terrain. I find it helpful to put all the terrain in one corner and when it looks like a quarter of the table is covered then that is enough terrain for the game. More or less terrain will effect on how the game is played.

On this note, I would like members to share their notes on this subject of Terrain Placement.

The Second place to deploy tactics is the general Deployment of ones army. Depending on your army depends on how you want to deploy it. Along side with this is what mission you are playing depends on where you place your army. If your an assault army you want to be close to the enemy. If your a shooty army you want to be far away from your enemy so you can blast them until they look like swiss cheese. Etc. Etc.

There are articles out there with theory on this, I wouldn't mind having members share their experiences on this subject.

The Third and final place I view as where tactics are deployed are in the gameplay itself. Flank, counter charge, blitz kreg, etc.

As interesting as this final tactical process goes, there isn't much on the first two. If members could share their experiences, or even write a little something, I wouldn't mind collecting.
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