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I have a Daemonhunters army and am embarking on making a set of assassins at the moment.

My six Death Cultists are based on Drazhan, the Dark Eldar Master of Blades, which are on my modelling table at the moment. They will also have an Eversor Assassin to go with them.

All the models will be based on piles of resin skulls.

Now for the questions.

1. What other parts can people suggest to go with the Drazhan bits to make really evil blade wielding Death Cultists?

2. What parts can people suggest for a scratch build of a Predator (i.e. Alien vs). I really like the look of him/it and think a conversion to something approaching a Predator would look great as an Eversor.

Both will be for GW Tournaments so will need to comprise mostly GW parts.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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