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A compliment to my post in the eldar thread discussing making it a coherent force, but here I'd like to discuss what would a Pre-fall Eldar army consist of?

The fluff of my craftword is they were one of the last to leave the crone worlds and nearly made it, the expanding eye's caught them and they were cast into the warp only recently returning to the materium with no knowledge of time's passage. I wanted to capture the arrogance and contempt of the Eldar at the fall, I imagine my army is suprised by Mon Kheigh that can fight back. (explains the low number of troops I will have on the field given my disposition toward wraith units)

What I have so far is no wraith, no aspects, and possibly no Avatar. They wouldn't have the Avatar when they left, but I am up in the air on whether or not a shard would have made it to this craftworld, and even if it did do they know about it?

I plan to run a wraith heavy list (ironic I know) using them as the robotic warriors the Eldar used to fight for them pre-fall. (Aside from shaving off spirit stones idea's for conversion?)

So the questions

1. Is it within fluff?
2. Where can I find books ect. that mention the robotic warriors the Eldar used?
3. Avatar or not?
4. Conversions, how much DE to incorporate? (counts as want the list to be legal) I definately plan to use DE bikes as the Eldar ones are awfull looking.

Thanks for all your help guys!

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There's a contradiction of sorts here, pre-fall eldar and craftworld eldar were very different, even at the beginning.. Pre-fall eldar society was pretty much dominated by fanatical pleasure cults (unwitting pawns of slannesh) who murdered and saccrificed everyone who opposed them, including those who foresaw the destruction. The craftworld eldar had to cut themselves off from their society and leave in secret. This kind of explains why culturally and technologically they're so divergent. Culturally, craftworld eldar just after the fall wouldn't be all powerful arrogant god-masters with robot armies, they'd be they cast of dregs of eldar society, fleeing with whatever came to hand and risking their lives in doing so. I seem to remember the craftworlds weren't even moon sized originally, they were just big fleets of refugee ships which got sung together with wraithbone over time.

The pre-fall eldar are not well covered really.. but from 'the torturers tale' and a few other sources..

1) they had incredibly powerful technology, 'the stars lived and died' thing is quite possibly literal.
2) their society was caught up in a massive wave of fanatical hedonism inspired by the embryonic slannesh and was possibly collapsing. Pleasure cults were fighting each other in the streets.
3) their society was completely automated. They built all kinds of artificial slave races (so your wraithguard idea works, but then, why are eldar on the battlefield at all when they could be off enjoying themselves?)
4) they didn't bother to regulate their passions or obsessions in the way craftworld eldar do, so in convention terms they'd be pretty much insane or monofixated, like dark eldar.

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Prefall Eldar are hard to do fluff for, because they didn't have standing armies. They more or less ruled their space and had small flotillas for dealing with Orks. You could explain how their Prefall status shaped who they would become.

However, if you make them merchant princes both Isaac Asimov and I will sue for stealing our ideas. (My idea is different from his idea, as in Foundation, but I liked his name for them so it will be in the description somehow.)
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