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Projects - too many!

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Ok, well, title says it all really. I've got so many things running side by side that I can't see myself ever getting them all done, and now I decide to start a Blog. Whoops... :wacko: Seems like there's never enough time, and the more you have to spare, the faster it leaves you behind. What's that about? My Wood Elves are an ongoing project, being entirely complete although I'm steadily going through a process of replacing all the units in the army with indentical (but better painted) ones. Oh yeah, and I'm busy converting a Highborn on Forest Dragon. As far as gaming goes, they're up to the task, and are getting better at it, except for the occasional blip - i recently suffered horrendous defeats against Dark Elves and Ogres. Alongside that, I've got Orcs & Goblins who have yet to see much action, and I've got about 500 points of stuff to get painted, but I'm getting nowhere. Similarly, I've got a 1,000 Point Empire army that is entirely unpainted, saving a hero on foot, and the mounted general's horse, that are currently just gathering dust on the shelf. And now they bring out new Dark Angels. It's a shame you can't just put your life on hold for a month to thrash out all those niggly little hobby tasks that need doing. Painting over chipped areas on well-used metal models, green-stuffing the arm of your general because his sword fell of and won't glue back on, converting that new general you've been planning for months and months but will probably never use for fear of breaking it and because you'll rarely get to play a game with a hight enough points limit - those kind of jobs. And there comes a point when they are jobs and not fun anymore. Oh well, I suppose I'd better stop procrastinating, and get on with them, eh? Have a good one. GS

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