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Fast, hard hitting Knights.
Lance formation rocks.
Good magic defense, and offense if you want it.
Awesome special character (Green Knight).
Good tactical support units to fill out your list.
Access to an extra Character.
Nice models.

Generally pretty one dimensional... Run Charge Overrun Repeat.
Personally i found their playstyle dull, so i switched armies after a while.
Boring and tedious to paint (i think)

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Other Pros
- they are expensive in points, and cheap in boxes. Your army will be less expensive because you'll be buying cheap models that fill up your list very quickly.

- they are a good list, easy to play and get alot of wins with. If you're in it to win, these are guys to buy.

-Fun to Paint: i disagree with Phoenix- most armies have uniforms and standard colors throughout. Brettonians have a mix of colors, with each knight being independent of the others. You could pain the whole army the same, whole units the same, or just paint every knight however you feel like and it will still look good. This is nice, since it keeps painting large armies from becoming repetetive.

Other Cons
- They are predictable. That one-sided tactical ability means that everyone knows what you're going to be doing and will have a plan for it. How effective the plan is will depend on the enemy and how well you are playing that day, but for the most part, you will start to see that every list you fight is pretty much the same. It could become boring. But again, this depends if you're 'fun' or if you're 'competetive'.

- They are difficult to convert. Because of the way that they fit together, mixing and matching parts is very difficult. Your troops are all plastics, but your special and rare are all metals, which means you have to CUT and CHOP them apart to get their parts.

- They lack shooting. They have worthless bowmen who aren't really worth taking, and then they have Catapults. The cats are cool, but not the best idea. Really, it IS one dimensional.

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I began with brets after HE and Empire. Mostly because I like the medieval style. But thats just my thought.

I pretty much agree with the comment above.

But with a few points i disagree;

1. Yes they tend to an one dimensional play style, if you use only knights. Notice when you take more peasants the playstyle will become more vertile. A fully ranked [email protected] unit will make a though decision for your opponent. He can leave it and focus on the knights but never underestimate the static CR of a full rank & file unit. But [email protected] are pretty cheap and don't give banner points.

2. Shooting, I think brets have some of the best shooting in the game. Admitting its not very effective killing opponents with a high thoughness but in comparison each shot is very cheap compared to other shooting. And they can be given the option of skrimishing.
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