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Was just now looking through the EoT-codex and discovered a term I hadn't heard of before.

What is Divisio Telepathica and what is Psi-Titans? See page 16 codex EoT

It sounds really cool and outrageous.
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Yeah, they do sound cool, but AFAIK they are purely fluff, there a no rules for them in any Imperial Armour.

I believe they are titans whose 'pilots' are psykers, they use systems to enchance their psychic strength (much like a psychic hood except on a far larger scale). They are very rare and are only used in the most dire cases (even when compared to other tians).

Shame really, imagine a titan using storm of the emporer's wrath, except on an ordanance scale!

I may be wrong but thats as much as I know.
seen pictures of them, look absolutely hardcore, not so much pilots psyckers more that the Titan itself has offensive psyker abilites, think they were developed for a particual special enemy
No idea, perhaps they were developed as a countermeasure to eldar titans, all but the smallest of which are psychic weapons as well as physical ones. The wraithbone structure focuses and amplifies the pilot's psychic abilities, and also contain the souls of many dead eldar to aid and guide him. The result is a psychic titan.

I like the fact eldar titan pilots are generally twins or triplets (exceeding rare given the low birth rate.) The idea is that in such a psychic race twins share an incredibly strong psychic connection, so 2 or 3 of them will pilot the biggest eldar titans together, acting as one being.
I love this!

This is one of the things that's so cool about the 40K universe. The Fluff is packed of theese kind of things, little hints here and there which implies amazing events/units/constructs/races which we might but probably wont hear more about in the future.

A universe should be filled with grand things and events too many to know about. We can only fantasize about what much of all the freaky stuff is.

But back to the Psi-Titans and Divisio Telepathica. Any more info?
I think (though don't hold me to this) the Divisio Telepathica are a part of the adeptus mechanicus that specialises in psychic weaponry and the like, these guy are probably responsable for making the nemesis force weapons.
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