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Purchasing your models... what? And what order?

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As a starting chaos player, I would like to know what you guys purchased starting off to where you are today. This should be fairly easy to remember since everytime you bought something it hurts the wallet :yes:.

Also, try and include the order you bought it in. I am very curious on what decisions fellow chaos players have chosen.

It's a fairly straightforward idea... keep it on topic!
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it's cheaper then GW :ninja: I don't think they're actually supposed to be selling stuff below gw's prices, but alas, enjoy it.

Anyway, with any army you start off buying the basic "core" of your army. A battle force of some sort is also always a good place to begin if you're going for a genericish army. If you're building a themed chaos army (World Eaters, 1000 sons, etc) then you might not be able to use some of the stuff in the box, so just buy a few packs of whatever basic troops you need (Berzerkers, Plague Marines, and so forth). After that buy an HQ model of some sort. At this point you should have a "general idea" of what you want your army to be/do, so only buy things that absolutely fit into that. Save buying heavy supports, elites, and fast attacks for when you're positive you actually want them. Otherwise you'll wind up like me, with 3 tech-priest enginseers for my guard army :(

As for the order I got stuff for my World Eaters:

1st order 2 boxes of berzerkers, 3 packs of bikes (the one with 3 in them), 1 box of bloodletters (At this point I knew I wanted World Eaters and Fast)
2nd order Bloodthirster, another box of bloodletters, a box of Space Wolves Bloodclaws (to convert into berzerkers) and still more berzerkers. (This was after I had proxied a bloodthirster a few times and liked it, and it also syncs up with my stunning realization that I love to have lots of berzerkers
3rd order a chaos dreadnaught and a box of plague marines (no idea why I got either)
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First thing is to buy 2x 8 chaos space marine box and 1 HQ. I also suggest you buy a choice of heavy support other than the land raider (never use it under 1 500 points minimum). This should cost you about $ 100 - $ 150 on internet / ebay. Now you have a playable 1 000 points army.

Then, if you want to upgrade, my advice would be to buy, in this order, 2 other Space Marine / Daemon Boxes , 1 other Heavy support and begin to think about elite / fast attakc as they cost a lot and need to be well understood to be used at their full potential.

That's what I would do. The basic CSM box may varry according to your army choice (death guard / khorne berzerkers / etc .)
Personally, when building my chaos army for an escalation league:

First purchase:
2 boxes of Chaos Space Marines
Daemon Prince
1 Obliterator
1 Lascannon-toting Havoc model

Second set of buys:
1 Box of Emperor's Children
4 extra bits-ordered sets of sonic blasters and thier arms
1 Obliterator
5 Mounted Daemonettes
1 Defiler

Third set:
3 blisters of Tzeentch Flamers
1 Battleforce (built the rhino and a squad of possessed here)
1 Chaos Dreadnaught

Final round:
1 Box of Daemonettes
1 Obliterator
Various bits for a Lt conversion project (Lelith Hespirex body + leg, whip-hand from Repentia Mistress, Daemonnette's right hand talon, some green stuff, and leftover arms and big shoulder pad from chaos marines)

Everything else uses parts from previous buys, like the bikes from the battleforce and extra troopers from bits and pieces leftover from the boxes.

In hindsight, I'd have bought a megaforce rather then battleforce + defiler, but I wasn't sure about using the bikes at the time, and either way I wasn't using berserkers (though some of thier parts helped make excellent possessed marines).

If you're not in a hurry for something like the escalation league, take the extra time to hunt down deals on places like to order your box sets. My Tyranids-in-progress are coming in at around 40% off GW prices just by being patient with ebay ^_^ In more of a rush, online stores like the one mentioned earlier will still let you get them cheaper :)
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I was lucky enough to be given an HQ, a squad of noise marines and a squad of plain vanilla marines..
since then I have been given a, choas land raider, dreadnaught, 4 bikes, a lord a sorcerer, about another 3 squads of plain marines, a squad of 5 terminators, a squad of havocs

in order to fill out my army I purchases.
2 more bikes, I play slanessh Emperors children who loves six. free AC.
and a pack of deamottes for my bikes to summon.

on my list of to buy at the moment. a marine with an Icon or banner and a havoc with a missile launcher for my havocs, and a defiler when I get the money ;)
At the minute I'm looking at:

1st purchase(blister lot on ebay)

marine with bolter/havoc and heavy weapon

These fall under what I don't need but what included

Chaos Lord

These are what I got and plan on using.

Second, I'm aiming for a box or 2 of chaos space marines. I wish Gw sold marines just by the masses, buying in boxes of 8s are rediculous.

Third, Defiler for some back up fire, with some added bloodletters/fast attack(bikes)

Fourth, more marines followed by a bloodthirster, and 2 more obliterators.

The megaforce is a bargain but I'm not ready to put fourth the cash.
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Realize this is over the course of 3 years... and its depressing when you realize how much you spent. This is an Iron warriors army.
Year 1
-Box of Chaos Marines-GW Store
-Box of Chaos Marines-GW Store
-Raptors (old edition)- Ebay
-Sorceror, Abaddon, Chaos Lord-Ebay
-Havocs (HBx2,LCx4,MLx2,ACx2)-Ebay
-20 Old Chaos Marines
-1 Predator-old
-1 Vindicator

Year 2-All GW
-3 New Obliterators
-1 Basilisk
-2 New Edition Rhino's
-1 New Predator
-2 Boxes Chaos Marines

Year 3
-3 Iron warrior Boxes-GW
-Lots of Bitz=Possessed
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