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4.350m- Librarium Questel's Log

"they call that a defence........"

We were conducting a search of the nearby area, when i suddenly sensed that our scouts on the eastern wing were in serious trouble, clearly we weren't the only ones on this planet.

It was already dark by the time we arrived in the area the scouts had last being reported, with me were a guard of 9 space marines including Veteren Seargent Hase, who's sense of humor i have quite a fondness to.
Howerever, this was no time for jokes. What ever had attacked the scouts would most likely still be in the area.

We were still searching the area when i felt that something was making contact with the warp. Quickly concentraing, I sent a message to Commander Taspel that the enemy were near, whilst succsefully stoped what ever was testing the warp.
Another user of the warp suddenly stetched out its powers and although i tried i couldnt over come the users concentration.
This was clearly the work of Eldar.......

Hearing the sound of an eldar vehicle race to life, the missle launcher of my squad quickly sent a krak missle towards the noise. Luckily his aim was true, as we heard the vehicle scrash land to a halt.
Commander Taspel, with his veteren bodyguard were racing down the flank of the battle field in their Rhino, closely followed by Assualt Squad Alpha.

The Eldar had sent a unit of swooping hawks down our flank with a vyper, as i advanced towards the sourvivors of the vehicle wreck i cast a pyhcic blast in their direction, killing 3, these creatures all of a sudden didnt seem that tough, as my bodyguard finished off the rest of them. I raced towards the surviors of the wreck, when suddenly a horific scream sounded in my ears. Though i couldnt bare the screaming I managed to doge a deadly blow aimed at my neck and lashed out with my Force Weapon at one of them, turning into my spin i hacked down another. As another came running at me, a simple pyhcic impulse sent it flying.
The creatures began to run, i was going to let them though, as i had more importent things to take care of.

A unit of eldar guradians was advaning in my direction, as a Farseer came dashing out of their ranks. They were firring at my guard which i had left, luckily most of the shots were stoped by the rubble, but Brother Ree's was shot down. He would be avenged.

After checking with Commander Taspel that he was in position, i charged out of the rubble towards the guradians. They clearly weren't expecting such an attack as I slashed through 4 of them, once again the Eldar broke and ran. Why would they come here then just retreat? i was thinking before seeing Brother Turo was being attacked by an Eldar Farseer, he appeard to be imobilsed but he was still fighting. As the guradians showered me in fire i ducked in cover.

After seeing the Eldar run, i was glad to see Assualt Squad Alpha had made it into position and were already attacking another squad of guardians. As i joined them i joined them, i suddenly heard a lound explosion, risking a glance i saw that Brother Turo had being attacked by a second farseer and had fallen. With a pyhcic impulse i ordered our fire support to destroy the farseer's, as a krak missle and a lascannon went off. After the dust had setteled Farseer's were no more.

the guardians had broke and were running again, as I pursued them Assualt Squad Alpha leaped towards the Eldar snipers i had spotted shooting at my guard. My body guard aimed towards the Eldar Vyper, and with a volley of decent shots, it spun out of position, not destroyed but fairly satisfactory for now.

The guardians had regrouped as Commander Taspels Rhino came roaring towards them, there was know need for the veteren's to get out as Taspel and I dispatched the remaining guradians. The Assualt Squad Alpha reported that they had silenced the sniper's and were heading toward the Vyper.

It appears that the Eldar Vyper is the only thing left of the Eldar force, as i saw Assualt Squad Alpha's plasma gunner shoot it down.

Our force regrouped in the middle of the field, it appeard that we had only suffered light casualties, as Taspel told the main force it was clear to land.

As the rest of my company eat to celerbrate their win, I can't help wondering why the Eldar would put on such an offensive, only to retreat. But that will have to wait another day........

Anywho, hope anyone who read all dat enjoyed it,
i dont usally write things like this (apparently im not to good at it ) but im farily bored so...........yeah

overall it was a crushing defeat, as i had destoryed the enitre Eldar Army by turn 5 (it was a night fight)
and the only casualties were my dread, 1 assualt marine and a tactical marine.

to recap:
we were playing a night fight (with no impaticular points limit)

2 farseers, both had whitch blades and s/pistols, 1 with fortrune the other with guide

5 banshees including an exarch with exicutioner and acrobatic

32 guradians split into 3 diffrent squads.
Each one had a warlock with conceal

3 rangers (lol, they did jack all)

Fast attack
5 hawks, including a decked out exarch (luckily i shot him down before he really messed me up )

1 vyper

Heavy support
Falcon, with scatter laser, spirit stones.

Wraithlord, starcannon

My Force:
1 lib, 1 commander, both with power weapons and bolt pistols, my lib had a pyhcic hood.

9 veterens with ccw's and b/pistols, 1 with a meltagun

dreadnought, assualt cannon.

9 marines, 1 veteren seargent, 1 missle launcher, 1 flamer (my lib's gurad, unill he went off on his own)

8 marines, 1 missle launcher, 1 flamer

5 marines, 1 lascannon

Fast Attack
5 assualt marines, 1 plasma pistol

both armies actrully had a few other bitz here and there, but ive tryed to only include the things which actrully effected the game.
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