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Question about charging Dreads

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Do Dreads and Kanz get to use Power of the Waaagh? I can't find anything in the forum or the FAQs on this, although I heard about it somewhere. Dreads count as 10 models and Killer Kanz count as, eh, can't remember. So do they roll against this number to double their intiative?

If it's a dumb question, hey, I haven't played Orks since 2nd ed, okay? :wacko:
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Nice double post ;)

And no, they cannot use the power of the waaagh while charging. it's in the FAQ:
Doh! Sometimes technology has a mind of it's own. Purely unintentional, of course, but sorry for the double post. I really only need it answered once! :blush:

Eh, I guess i need glasses because I missed it in the Chapter Approved. I'll go back and look again.

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