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Question about Helm of Fortune.

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Ok so a character cant wear a set of magic aromour and normal armour at the same time but they can can have magic armour and a normal shield. My commander wears normal heavy armour so i was wondering does the Helm as fortune count as magic aromour that would restrict me from being able to use it. It technically isnt body armour armour so i didn't know since you can wear normal armour and a magic shield.
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a character can have an normal armour and sheild and helmet also boots (although i think none of the armies have rules for em anymore) but onl one may be magic

so for eg= heavy armour + helm of fortune + sheild = legal

dragon armour + helm of fortune + sheld = legal

heavy armour + helm of fortune + enchanted sheild = islegal

i hope this has helped
Except the enchanted shield can be combined with other magic armour, so the third is legal too.. You get the idea though.

The helm of fortune does count as magic armour, but you can combine it with mundane heavy armour.

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Hey thanks for the clarification.
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