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Question about paperclay

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Has anyone tried using this product to make anything? I used it last night to make some tree trunks and branches and it seems to work decently when modeling. The problem I have with it is that on the package it says that it dries and hardens by itself, but I let it sit overnight and while it did dry a little bit, it didn't dry and harden completely. It's still fairly soft and pliable. I don't want to put it in the oven because I already modeled the rest of the foilage onto the tree branches but I'm worried that it may never get fully hardened. Should I possibly put some watered down pva glue to solidify the outside of the clay?
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What kind are you using. I have some DAS that works pretty decent. It depends on how thick the clay is. I was doing some mosaic floor tiles and made an 8"x8" section that was about 1/8" thick. Took 3 days to dry while sitting on my desk. That could be your problem. Sealing the outside might make it worse as I imagine it would prevent the moisture from escaping. I have heard of putting it in an oven to speed it up. But since ive never tried the oven techinque i dont have any temps or times to give you. Hope that helps anyways.

It's called "Creative Paperclay". I guess I just need to let it sit longer in order for it to dry properly. I can't put it in the oven because I've already glued the branches and leaves onto the trunk and I dont want to ruin the rest of the model. I guess it's just a matter of letting it sit and dry longer.
putting the thing in the oven dosnt mean cooking the thing, it can be put at the lowest temprature it can go , and this will replicate a warm day in the sun for the model(well my oven goes that low anyway.).So about 35degrees centigrade will do.

If you are still unsure if the model is going to melt or not , put some spare foliage etc in the oven at its lowest temprature on a sheet of graeseproof paper(brown baking paper) stick it in the oven, and see if it melts.If it does, just thow the baking paper out with the melted or burnt foliage on it,rather than binning a whole tray with plastic caked on to it.

If you are still unsure, just dont try it, be patient and see if it dries at room temprature.Hope that helps,

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